Save on your electricity bill through an APP

The energy saving is a set of behaviors and technologies aimed at facilitating the reduction of the exploitation of non-renewable energies, while ensuring the well-being of people and respect for the environment.

It has now been established that the excessive consumption of resources available in nature leads to various problems that are reflected both in the environment and in the daily life of man.

The continuous increase in daily energy needs, combined with the increasingly widespread desire to respect the environment and pursue energy savings, translates into the constant search for new, technologically more advanced and efficient solutions.

Within the air conditioning sector, the heat pumps of the latest generation, intended for residential use, represent an effective response to the growing needs of living comfort and reduced consumption and consequently management costs, as they are designed and built to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability in both winter and summer air conditioning.

In addition to these characteristics, there is the flexibility of the various system solutions to which they can be combined: radiant terminals, air terminal units (for example fan coils), low temperature radiators; not to overlook the possible use for the production of domestic hot water.

Finally, the typical advantages of building a thermal system with heat pumps should not be forgotten: the ability to cool and heat the rooms with a single unit, greater product reliability over time, respect for the environment in the face oftotal elimination of direct CO2 emissions, the absence of charges for the construction of gas supply systems (resulting in greater safety for people) and for the discharge of combustion products.

By combining the MIRAI SMI heat pump with the management and monitoring of the plant integrated FEBOS HP (by Emmeti Impianti) via an App installed on a Tablet or Smartphone, usable inside and outside the home, the goal of maximizing the performance of the heat pump is achieved while at the same time obtaining the best performance and optimal efficiency, with significant savings energetic and economical, all in an intelligent, simple and intuitive way with an eye to the user.

In fact, the system makes it possible to better manage the functions of the heat pump, both in heating and in air conditioning, and in the production of domestic hot water, ensuring its availability at the times of greatest demand; all combined with constant monitoring of the plant's energy flows and related operating costs.

The monitoring device it is inserted into the home electrical switchboard, measures the electricity produced by any photovoltaic system and the electricity introduced and / or withdrawn, and calculates consumption.

The data is transmitted with wireless technology locally to tablets, smartphones and possibly to an ADSL router for remote transmission. In this way the data is always updated and can be consulted at any time on any device and wherever you are.

Comfort monitoring therefore becomes universal because it is a system that can be installed on any home system and is easily used.

Cutting the electricity bill has never been easier, saving money and protecting the environment is now really possible.

Video: How to save on your electric bill during the heat (January 2022).