Portable air conditioners without a hose, advantages

Against the sultry heat they can prove indispensable i conditioners! However, there are those who are not ready to face large installation costs. In this context, the ideal choice falls on portable air conditioners without hose; they are effective and comfortable. They also have the advantage of not being permanent and of refreshing the spaces we want.

Sometimes even condominium regulations can prevent the installation of an internal wall air conditioner; the installation of various external components can affect the aesthetics of the building.

The portable air conditioner without hose it is very easy to move: it is equipped with wheels. It has a practical and minimal design that is also well suited to any type of environment in which it is placed.

Also in terms of energy saving, the portable air conditioner is a good choice; just choose a device with energy class type A + or even better A +++.
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Portable air conditioners without a hose: advantages

The performance of air conditioners without a hose should not be underestimated, these devices offer good cooling performance even if those aiming for excellence must necessarily choose a model equipped with a wall-mounted hose.

THE portable air conditioners without hosethey have a low impact on the environment, one more reason to favor them over other types. Given its particular structure, the portable air conditioner without hose it is suitable for small rooms at home or at work, in the office or to be transported from one room to another. For larger contexts, it is better to opt for a different product and a more complex system equipped with an external unit.

The advantage of the air conditioner without hose is represented by the fact that it does not require masonry work, nor the need to install an outdoor unit. To install a air conditioner without hose just fix the small flexible to the window which must necessarily be kept half open. There are air conditioners without outdoor unit, air conditioners without wall pipe but on the market there are no flexible air conditioners. Although this is a very popular type of air conditioner, there are no air conditioners completely without tubes on the market. At the user's discretion, it is possible to choose:

  • Portable air conditioners without wall hose but with flexible to manage keeping the window half open.
  • Air conditioners without a hose and without a window hose but which require connection to the water supply and therefore are not portable.
  • Air conditioners without an outdoor unit but which require a hole in the wall for the installation of the pipe so they are with pipe and are not portable!

Air conditioner without hose: characteristics

Some hoseless air conditioners do not require holes for the hot air to escape to the outside as the "cooling" process takes place through the water condenser that circulates inside. In this case it is not a question of portable air conditioners because it will be necessary to connect to the water supply, this is the case of the xfetto model, Argo water conditioner.

Some types are also equipped with special filters; there is the ionizer, the anti-limescale, the water filter and the air filter, which allow both air and water cooling.

The moderns portable air conditioners without hose on the wall, have a display with touch screen controls; they are equipped with electronic timers, thermostats with different speeds and can also dehumidify the rooms if you want to purify the air. The only compromise is to position the flexible (usually has a diameter of 15-20 mm) in correspondence with a window to be kept semi-open. To avoid heat loss, we recommend isolating the opening with a special draft excluder to be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the type of opening.

When choosing the model, check the cooling capacity and energy class; in fact, they can guarantee excellent performance from 20 square meters up to a maximum of 120 square meters efficiently.

Portable air conditioners: where to buy them

THE portable air conditioners without hose they can be purchased in department stores specializing in electronics products, such as at Mediaworld, Saturn or Trony chains.

However, it is very likely that in periods of great heat these products are sold out due to the great demand (and for the cost much lower than that of wall-mounted air conditioners that require an outdoor unit).

According to the opinions of users, among theportable air conditioners without wall pipemore efficient are those De Longhi that would be able to cool a room despite the heat dispersion caused by the hose at the window. For an overview of promotional prices and features, please refer to the Amazon page: De Longhi portable air conditioners.

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