Blueberries, properties and benefits

THEblueberriesthey are delicious fruit with interesting property proven. THEblueberriesthey are rich in mineral salts, organic acids, antioxidant pigments and other active ingredients that have been exploited for centuries to treat disorders of the urinary tract, lower limb veins and eye diseases.

The beneficial effects ofblueberriesare to be connected tonutritional properties: they are rich in flavonoids and active compounds. They havepropertyanti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral and anti-cancer.

THEblueberries are good for youto the brain, to memory, to sight ... Flavonoids stimulate the activity of vitamin C by protecting the structure of the capillaries, inhibit bleeding and are a good preventive treatment for varicose veins. Not to mention the powerful antioxidant action carried out by flavonoids, so blueberries protect us from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Let's see, in detail, what thebeneficial propertiesgodsblueberriesred or black.

  • Useful for fighting cystitis and infections of the uro-genital tract

Thepropertybeneficial godsblueberrieshave been confirmed by various researches; for example, it has been shown that cranberry juice can counter urinary tract infections: cranberry contains substances that prevent E. coli (the germ that typically causes cystitis and urethritis) to proliferate in the urogenital tract, limiting its ability to cause infections. Blueberry is one of the natural remedies for cystitis.

  • Rich in vitamin A

Vitamin A godsblueberriesprotects our internal and external linings (mucous membranes and skin) of our organism and promotes their regeneration: they are an excellent natural remedy in case of nervous gastritis, hemorrhoids, small stomach ulcers ... Vitamin A of blueberry strengthens the walls of the vessels blood so much that blueberry extracts have always been used to soothe retinal disorders and as a natural treatment for varicose veins.

  • Blueberries are good for the brain

The news comes from the University of Massachusetts where a team of researchers highlighted the ability of blueberries to reduce the damage to nerve cells caused by a stroke.

The experiments were performed in vitro, on isolated brain cells. Tests conducted have shown that the administration of compounds extracted from blueberries was able to halve the risk of death of brain cells injured by stroke. This experiment opens up new perspectives and new application scenarios.

According to the researcher Caterine Neto, head of the research team at Massachusetts University, the result obtained indicates that iblueberriesthey could help the body defend brain cells affected by dramatic events.

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