Guide to choosing an electric oven

I would choosethe oven suitable for your needs is not always very simple; we should know the main characteristics, the differences between the various types on the market, based on the use we will make of them.

There are electric ovens of the most disparate brands and sizes with specific characteristics. In this regard we will illustrate you how to choose an electric oven giving you some important information.

Guide to choosing the oven, what to ask
Before buying the oven it is good to already have very clear ideas; this will facilitate your choice. Here are some questions to ask yourself before purchasing:

  • How often will the oven be used?
  • Will it have to be used for heating and defrosting?
  • How many people will I have to cook for?
  • Should the use include sweets and bread products?
  • How much space do I have in the kitchen to use it comfortably? to the purchase of the oven, useful information

  • The single

For a single who wants to limit himself to heating some croissants or heating previously cooked dishes, he can opt for a simple oven. However, there are also small ovens that have the same characteristics as large ones and can be used like a normal electric oven: you can cook desserts, roasts or pizzas ...

  • Young couple

A young couple can opt for a column or one-piece oven with the hob. Those in the column are very comfortable since they are positioned at stove height, making it easier to use.

  • Electric ovens

If the kitchen does not have an oven, you can use an electric oven to be placed on counters or shelves. Electric ovens generally have the following basic functions:
-Timer with auto-off
- Temperature knob
-Grill cooking
- Static cooking
- Ventilated cooking

Oven buying guide, static oven and fan oven functions
The electric oven can be static or ventilated. The static model gives off heat only through two resistances positioned in the lower and upper part; the ventilated oven, on the other hand, in addition to the two resistances of the static oven, is equipped with a fan to distribute the heat so as to make the temperature homogeneous in every point of the oven.
In the convection oven, cooking is faster but the foods risk getting dehydrated enough. The characteristic is to guarantee crunchiness on the outside and softness to the filling; for this function we recommend cooking lasagna, biscuits, potatoes, sea shells and single dishes rich in seasoning.
The static oven is more suitable for cooking desserts, pizzas, bread products or recipes that involve the use of yeast, since they cook more slowly.

Guide to buying the oven, consumption
The consumption of the electric oven varies according to the size, energy class, temperatures and times of use. In any case, it is good to prefer a class A oven; They have a higher cost but the initial investment will be amortized in the bill!

Oven buying guide, Appliance Bonus
If the purchase takes place in conjunction with home renovations, the stability law allows you to deduct 50 percent of the cost of the new oven as long as you purchase a class A model. For further information, refer to the article "Appliance bonus "

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