Tips for Cleaning with denatured alcohol

L'denatured alcoholis an excellent ally for housework:clean with denatured alcoholnot only is it possible but also convenient, denatured alcohol is a powerful detergent and can break down various microbial loads.

What is denatured alcohol?
It is the same ethanol contained in your favorite alcoholic beverage but with the addition of some substances that involvedenaturation. For this reason denatured alcohol cannot be ingested. To imitate alcohol abuse, in the European Union all products containing food alcohol are subject to a tax. However, alcohol can be used for other purposes: the industries they employalcoholfor non-food purposes they can be exempted from paying the tax if before marketing ethanol (alcohol) it undergoes a denaturation process. With denaturation, alcohol becomes undrinkable.

Why is denatured alcohol red?
The denaturing mixture imposed by the EC Regulation of the European Commission provides for the addition of theReactive Red 24, a red / pink dye that characterizes the color of denatured alcohol. The mixture also includes other substances such as thiophene, denatonium benzoate and methylethketone.

Clean with denatured alcohol, all instructions

You know thatdenatured alcohol is used in hospitals for cleaning surfaces? This is because alcohol is able to break down a large number of viruses and bacteria even if it is used forcleaningof the house must be cautious, especially in the kitchen. Here is a list of how to use alcohol to clean the house:

  • Excellent cleaner for glass and tiles. For cleaning kitchen tiles or near heat sources, it is best to use it diluted in water. Alcohol is flammable.
  • Excellent for removing ink stains from carpets and other fabrics.
  • It can remove the ink from permanent markers from PVC plastics, glass and glossy surfaces.
  • As a paint solvent.
  • To clean metals.
  • To remove adhesive residues from the car windshield.
  • For cleaning bicycle disc brakes.
  • For cleaning electronic components.
  • To clean laser lenses of CD / DVD players (in this case you will need to use a cotton swab soaked indenatured alcohol).
  • For removing oil or grease stains from the garage floor or any other surface.
  • To clean the floor (except for parquet and terracotta floors).
  • More info: how to clean the house in an ecological way.

ThingNOTdo with denatured alcohol

  • Absolutelynotdrinking denatured alcohol.
  • Do not use alcohol to clean the refrigerator.
  • Do not use alcohol to clean surfaces dirty with food or other organic matter.
  • Do not use alcohol for the natural cleaning of wood.
  • Do not use alcohol to clean or disinfect wounds, hydrogen peroxide burns less and has a better effect.
  • Avoid any contact with the eyes.
  • Not to be used for skin cleansing.
  • It must not be used against muscle pain or as an ointment: it is true, alcohol has a refreshing and vasodilating effect so as to reproduce a temporary sensation of freshness, however, the evaporation of alcohol is not total and the prolonged use in the time is not recommended.

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