Natural dandruff: from products to DIY

Natural anti-dandruff: a list of natural remedies for the effective treatment of dandruff. From do-it-yourself shampoos to wraps, without excluding effective ready-to-use products.

There dandruff it is often accompanied by very annoying itchy scalp. Here is a list of effective remedies to eliminate and prevent the appearance of dandruff.

Nettle as a natural anti-dandruff

An infusion based on nettle can be prepared to be rubbed on the scalp in order to eliminate and prevent dandruff. The preparation is very simple: just infuse (in 250 ml of boiling water) a tablespoon of dried nettle flowers for 10-15 minutes. The infusion must be filtered and, once cooled, applied to the skin of the scalp. There is no shortage of anti-dandruff products based on nettle on the market. Among the most concentrated and natural ones we point out the Bed Head anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner offered on Amazon at the price of € 26.64 with free shipping. The price refers to two large bottles, one of shampoo (750 ml) and one of conditioner (750 ml) to be used to quickly eliminate dandruff.

Mint and vinegar as a natural anti-dandruff

It is possible to prepare anatural anti-dandruffstarting from 200 ml of cider vinegar, a sprig of rosemary and a handful of sprigs and mint leaves. It is a natural remedy designed to stimulate circulation in the scalp. To prepare this remedy, it will be necessary to leave the mixture still for at least 7 days before use. It can be used to rinse hair after shampooing.

Essential oils as a natural anti-dandruff

Among the essential oils, there are several that lend themselves well to treatment of dandruff hair. Among the best we point out the essential oil of Tea Tree and the essential oil of lavender.

Lavender essential oil and Tea Tree oil are considered particularly useful in case of dry dandruff. To take advantage of the anti-dandruff properties of these essential oils, just add 2 drops of each in the amount of shampoo that you normally use for washing your hair. Better if you use a natural shampoo for frequent use, more delicate and respectful of the scalp.

Aloe vera as a natural anti-dandruff

To combat dandruff and prevent its formation, it is possible to take advantage of the natural properties of aloe vera. Aloe vera is among the natural remedies for dandruff more effective. Not only does it fight dandruff and hinders its formation but also manages to soothe any itchy scalp. It is possible to apply aloe vera gel by massaging the hair root or self-producing a shampoo based on aloe juice.

Rather than doing targeted treatments against dandruff, it is recommended to change shampoos. Among the products available on the market I point out the organic shampoo based on pure Aloe Vera juice, ideal for frequent use. Aloe vera juice is extracted from the organically grown Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant.

The action anti-dandruff of Aloe vera is supported by the antibacterial action and anti-dandruff of the essential oils of lavender and cypress. Among the other ingredients contained in the product reported, we mention wheat proteins, inulin and calendula which are characterized by a protective, nourishing and restructuring action, useful for those who, together with the problem of dandruff, have brittle and frizzy hair. It is a very concentrated product so just apply a fair amount per shampoo.

Other natural remedies for dandruff

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