Green clay mask

Among the types of clay, thatgreenit is undoubtedly the best for preparing purifying masks for body and face. L'Green clayit contains about 50 percent silica and 14 percent aluminum. It has a slightly alkaline pH and high anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to its strong absorbing power, it is used for skin care, in particular for the treatment of acne and eczema. With its profile, theGreen clayit is perfect for preparing DIY masks versus blackheads, acne, pimples and other skin impurities.

For the recipes of masks for hair based Green clay and for DIY anti-cellulite masks (always based on green clay) I refer you to the article dedicated to the properties ofGreen ventilated clay. On this page we will see how to preparepurifying masksfor the face taking advantage of the peculiar characteristics ofventilated green clay.

Green clay mask

The basic recipes of thegreen clay mask(which can be enriched with vegetable oils and essential oils) has easy-to-find ingredients such as:

  • a glass of fine green clay (ventilated green clay)
  • a teaspoon of honey
  • a teaspoon of sweet almond oil (or extra virgin olive oil)
  • 1/2 glass of natural mineral water

In a bowl, add the water and melt the honey. Add the oil and homogenize everything by gradually adding the green clay. Keep mixing energetically until you get a cream. This will be yoursgreen clay maskBasic.

The basic mask can be applied on its own or with the addition of other ingredients.

How to use thegreen clay mask?
The mask must be applied to the areas of the body and face to be "purified". After 2-3 minutes of application you will feel the skin tighten, do not worry, it is a normal reaction. In the case of particularly sensitive skin a slight redness may arise and this is also a reaction that should not cause concern. After the first few applications you will notice softer skin.

To apply thegreen clay maskdo-it-yourselfuse a spatula.

To the basic recipe you can add:

  • Green clay mask for normal skin
    Half a teaspoon of wheat germ oil. Application time of the mask: 10 minutes.
  • Green clay mask for sensitive skin
    2 tablespoons of mallow infusion and half a teaspoon of rosehip oil or borage oil. Application time: 5 minutes.
  • Green clay mask for oily skin
    1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Application time: 10 minutes.

Tip: after application, rinse with plenty of warm water and follow with a wash with cold water to improve microcirculation and narrow the pores of the skin.

Where to buy the green clay to prepare the DIY masks?
In shops specialized in cosmetics or natural products or online:

  • Ultra Ventilated 100% Pure Green Clay - Jar of 500g, sold at a price of 16.50 euros.
  • 100% Pure Green Ultra Ventilated Clay - 1 Kg jar, sold at a price of 24.50 euros.

Ready-to-use green clay mask

If you don't like DIY you can buy some masks made from green clay, in this case check all the ingredients and make sure you buy a truly natural product. To understand how to read the labels, I refer you to the INCI reading guide and I will point you to onegreen clay mask100% natural and with simple ingredients.

An example of a natural clay mask is the ready-to-use green clay mask, offered on Amazon at a price of 6.94 euros with free shipping. For all the info: green clay ready for use. ThereMask reportedit is formulated with simple and natural ingredients. This mask renews the epidermis by eliminating impurities such as blackheads, prevents the appearance of pimples and makes the skin soft and supple, also acting as an anti-wrinkle.

With its natural ingredients, this mask exerts an action wrinkle, exfoliating and purifying. Also useful for fighting cellulite as well as for deep cleansing of the neck and face.

As seen also with the DIY masks, the shutter speeds vary according to the type of skin: on the face with oily or normal skin, you can take advantage of the classic 10 minutes. On dry or sensitive facial skin it will be necessary to limit it to 5 minutes of application.

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