Holistic and Biological Wellness at Biosalus

Holistic Wellness is Biological place man at the center of attention: the person as a whole and the man-nature balance, in a sustainable lifestyle for the planet and its inhabitants. Today the meeting point between Holistic Wellness is Biological is Biosalus, the National Festival scheduled for 3 and 4 October 2015 in Urbino.

Biosalus is a two-day conference and meeting on health and wellness, L'organic food, products for the well-being of the person and the home and specialized publishing. An important part of the Festival is dedicated to the arts for well-being, with demonstrations and the possibility of trying treatments of THEridology, R.plantar iflexology, Meiso Shiatsu is Ayurveda.

Biosalus puts health at the center, in a vision of holistic wellbeing, and is a recurring event organized by the Institute of Natural Medicine of Urbino with a large series of sponsors: Marche Expo 2015, Marche Regional Council, Department of Tourism and Commercial Promotion of the City of Urbino, Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Slow Food Urbino , UISP and Legambiente.

Host country of the 2015 edition of Biosalus it is Africa, which is not a country but a continent, with its charm, its variety and its complexity. The lectures on African shamanism, essences and resins, performances of percussion and dances and wisdom narratives through puppets give the figure of this important presence. The circle closes with a show in the Sanzio Theater curated by important artists carrying the musical culture of West Africa.

They enrich Biosalus some parallel initiatives such as the National Epigenetics Conference on the theme: 'Genetics alone does not determine our health'. In the scenario of the holistic wellbeing, L'Epigenetics it is a relatively new direction of knowledge of chemical modifications of the genome without alterations in the DNA sequence. The Institute of Natural Medicine of Urbino is its spokesperson.

Another side initiative is the 'Biosalus Art' artistic competition, in which artists are invited to participate with the donation of one or more works that represent and interpret the contents of the National Festival of National Festival of Organic and Holistic Wellness.

Consult the program of Biosalus 2015

Video: Why Dont We Take a More Holistic View Towards Our Health? Annemie Uyttersprot. TEDxLeuven (January 2022).