Home remedies just in case

THEhome remedieswho will explain how to clean the house naturally, how to keep your clothes and shoes always in good condition and how to keep yourself in perfect health with natural remedies specifically for each ailment.

Sure, there are millions ofhome remediesand equally numerous grandmother's remedies, we do not have the presumption of welcoming them all on a single page but we can give you a good smattering starting with simple tricks and everyday application.

Home remedies to keep clothes in good condition

How to soften wool and remove lint

To get rid of the annoying lint of wool, take your sweater, wrap it in a bag or a dry cloth and… place it in the freezer for at least 10 hours. After 10 hours, take the sweater and put it to soak in hot water. The lint will disappear and the sweater will be much softer.

Get rid of the stench from your clothes

You have an appointment and you haven't noticed that the shirt you intend to wear doesn't smell good…. To eliminate the stench you can wash it in the washing machine or, more quickly, spray a solution of water and pure vodka in a 3: 1 ratio (three parts of water for one part of vodka) on the head. The smell will dissolve as if by magic.

DIY stain remover

Betweenhome remediesthere is no lack of the possibility of making DIY stain removers for fabrics or using the most unthinkable ingredients to pre-treat garments and eliminate the most difficult stains. If a stain hesitates to disappear, before washing the garment, rub the area affected by the stain with a little shaving foam.

Remove lipstick stains

The hair spray should be applied to the lipstick stain and left to dry for a couple of minutes before washing the garment in the washing machine.

How to reinforce a button

If you are about to lose a button but you do not have a needle and thread at hand, just wipe the surface of the button with a little transparent enamel to hold it in place and postpone its fall for months and months, it depends on how much enamel you use!

Loosening spectacle frame

If the glasses are too loose because the screws holding the frame are worn out and loosen too easily ... don't worry! You don't have to give up glasses or go to the optician! Also in this case you just need to pass a drop of enamel into the screw hole and tighten the frame to the desired width ... the screw will not loosen anymore.

All the grandmother's remedies to eliminate mold from fabrics.

How to repair the underwire bra

It will have happened to all women: the underwire of the bra that "comes out of the office" can be very painful both in the back area and near the armpit. To prevent this from happening, you just need to use an adhesive tape (not transparent tape, but an adhesive tape for fabrics) to be applied directly from the exit hole of the underwire, it will work as a sort of cap.

How to remove grease stains from fabrics

To remove a grease stain, just put a dry powder such as chalk or fine salt on for about an hour. At the end of the wait, rub and the stain will be gone! Otherhome remedyprovides for the use of dish detergent.

Home remedies for stuck zip

Another commonplace: thezipper locked!If the zip no longer goes up or down, it does not necessarily need to be replaced. Take a cotton swab and dip it in petroleum jelly. Swipe the cotton swab on the open zip or directly on the zip mechanism.

Home remedies to eliminate sweat stains

To get rid of sweat and deodorant stains from clothes, just create a paste with baking soda and lemon juice. Rub the area with this mixture and then wash the garment as usual.

Home remedies to clean the house

The home environment is so vast, so we refer you to several pages where you will findhome remediesad hoc for all types of domestic cleaning.

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Home remedies for body care

There is no shortage of home remedies for body care and skin wellness. Here are some grandma's remedies to use just in case.

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