Bedbug Remedies

Remedies against the bed bug: information and advice on how to recognize and eliminate the bed bug,Cimex lectularius.

Therebed bug, better definedCimex lectularius, is a species of insect of the Cimicidae family. Therebed bugit is a parasite of humans and other warm-blooded animals: it is a hematophagous ectoparasite, which means that it feeds on human blood.

The bed bugsthey can nest anywhere: inside furniture, in older mattresses, between two bedside tables, in sofas ... but also in electrical sockets or in a suitcase that has not been used for a long time. To detect bed bug infestations, canine units are used as shown in the image above.

Bed bug remedies

In case of consistent infestations it is difficult to talk about natural remedies. Boric acid, as well as Neem oil, are relatively safe natural insecticides for humans but are not effective againstbed bug. Studies conducted in 2012 found that thebed bugsthey are now resistant to historical chemical insecticides. No wonder: bed bugs were the most common human parasites until the 40s of the twentieth century and returned to prominence in the early 2000s, spreading again to America, Asia and also to us in Europe.

The chemical pesticides used to kill bed bugs over the years are pyrethroids, malathion and dichlorvos. Today, these insecticides are no longer as effective as they once were (bedbugs have developed a resistance). The use of pesticides against bedbugs is not recommended not only for their dubious effectiveness but above all because they can cause damage to human health.

Thebed bugsthey have several natural predators such as spiders, cockroaches, mites and millipedes, however the biological fight is rather uncomfortable! Who would host millipedes in their bed to eliminate bedbugs ?! The only one remedy effective forelimination of bed bugs it would appear to be the mechanical one.

To delete the bed bugit is possible to use special instruments capable of generating superheated dry steam up to 180 ° C. The cost of these equipment is not "light"however, turning to a pest control company would pay more expensive figures. Where to buy this equipment? In stores specialized in pest control or through online sales. On the page "Cimex Eradicator - eliminate bed bugs" you will find the detailed sheet of one of the best products in the sector. Thanks to the application it will be possible to eliminate 100% of bed bug eggs and most of adult individuals. It will be necessary to perform at least two treatments to completely eradicate bed bugs.

This device is also useful in case of asthma and allergies (to sanitize the mattress) and to eliminate dust mites.

Bed bug, how to recognize it

It is not difficult to recognize a bed bug infestation. The characteristic signs that indicate the presence ofCimex lectulariusI'm:

  • fecal stains
    Stools tend to take on a tarry consistency. They are less visible on fabrics. To confirm that these are bed bugs, you can pour hydrogen peroxide directly on the alleged feces: if they release bubbles, it is almost certainly Cimex lectularius feces.
  • Bed bugs live or dead
    Bed bugs are clearly visible even to the naked eye. Just do a search with Google Images to have hundreds of photos to compare with the insects you have spotted at home.
  • Moult residues
  • Eggs

The photos found on the web may be slightly different from each other but still represent thebed bug. This insect, in its avenue cycle, goes through five nymphal stages before becoming an adult.

Only under certain circumstances, the bed bug it causes bad smell. The stings of bed bug they may be another indication of their presence. In the photo above they are shown different bed bug bites dislocated along the back.

Thebed bug bitesform itchy strofuloid lesions as shown in the photo. The signs of the sting are only partially associated with the skin trauma of the sting itself, they are mainly dictated by an immune reaction of hypersensitivity. The signs ofstingTaken individually, they do not constitute evidence of the bed bug because other bloodsucking insects can also cause similar reactions.

In addition, in some subjects, the signs ofbed bug bitesthey are not visible because they have developed a sort of numbness and do not show obvious skin events. Typically, thebed bug bitesthey are located on the uncovered parts of the body: arms, legs and face.

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