Headache, natural remedies

Headache, natural remedies: the list of all natural remedies and grandmother's remedies most effective for counteracting chronic or episodic headaches.

Unfortunately we cannot put inpauseour life, so when theheadachearrives we are forced to work, study and carry out our commitments accompanied by this fearful annoyance.

Theheadacheit can accompany us for the whole day, it can be recurrent, episodic or it can even become chronic. This article dedicated toheadache remediesit absolutely does not want to replace the medical opinion, so take some time for a specialist consultation.

The headache pushes us to use drugspain relieversbut this is not the only possible way. A pain reliever does not take away your headache, it does nothing but mask the symptoms while Inatural remedies, often also called "grandmother's remedies " they can, under certain circumstances, help you eliminate the problem completely.

Headache, natural remedies

Sleep well

The firstnatural remedyagainst headaches consists in ensuring the body the right amount of rest.How many hours do you sleep every night?If you are under the age of 17 you may need up to 10 hours of sleep, while for adults 7-8 hours of good sleep may be enough. Take care of the quantity and quality of your sleep hours.


Melatonin is a substance naturally produced by our body during the hours of darkness. It can come in handy in the headache prevention, especially for those suffering from episodic headaches. For all information on how to use melatonin against headaches, I refer you to the articlemelatonin, benefits and uses.


It is an ancient grandmother's remedy relaunched in current phytotherapy and homeopathic remedies. Feverfew is used in the prevention and treatment ofmigraine and menstrual pains. The efficacy of feverfew should be linked to the active ingredient parthenol, a substance capable of reducing the contraction of smooth muscles and its excitability, which is why it is a good natural remedy against dysmenorrhea and the headache.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be considered thejollygodsgrandmother's remedies. It finds multiple uses and is a good onenatural remedyagainst theheadache. The vinegar-based treatment for migraine is done in the form of inhalation of vapors. Over low heat, place half a cup of apple cider vinegar in two cups of boiling water. At a boil, turn off the stove and be sure to inhale the steam as you approach the evaporating fluid. Repeat the treatment until the water has cooled down and, afterwards, pat your face well with a towel and drink a glass of fresh water.

Breathing, stretching and relaxation exercises

L'migraineit is often dictated by stress that is why among the natural remedies we point out breathing and relaxation exercises ... as regards streching and light physical activity, these can be considered excellent natural remedies: doing physical activity daily will reduce headache episodes .


There may be a strong correlation between yoursheadacheand the diet you follow. Are you sure you are getting the right amount of sugar and are not suffering from malnutrition (food shortage)? If you are following a low-calorie diet, consult an expert nutritionist to take appropriate anti-migraine measures.

Avoid junk food and MSG

As already mentioned, there are many correlations betweenmigraineand power. Junk food could make you more prone to episodes ofheadache.Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is added to foods to improve their flavor, it is derived from an amino acid calledglutamic acid, it is a salt and is found in most prepackaged foods. Guess what? This rises, among hisside effects, includes theheadache!

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