How to color fabrics

How to color fabrics:all the instructions for coloring fabrics (cotton, wool, synthetic fabrics…) with natural DIY dyes or with colors available in stores. All information on how to dye fabrics.

THE fabrics they can be colored using natural dyes vegetable-based or dyes purchased on the market. Natural dyes are obtained from the maceration of leaves (maple leaves, mulberry leaves….) And to make the obtained color permanent, a process known as mordanting must be carried out.

Powdered potassium alum and / or cream of tartar is used for the etching. THE dyes for fabrics that are on the market do not require etching because, in the starting formulation, they already incorporate fixing agents capable of making the color more or less lasting over time.

How to color fabrics with DIY natural dyes

Lovers of DIY and natural dyes can color the fabrics with homemade dyes. In the past we have already seen how to obtain different colors for fabrics from plant extracts. We indicate the instructions according to the desired color:

  • How to color fabrics with natural dyes, bright yellow.
    Dye fabrics with yarrow.
  • How to color fabrics with natural dyes of light tones.
    Tinctures from blackberry shoots.
  • How to color your home textiles with gray.
    Prepare a tincture with horsetail.
  • How to color fabrics with natural dyes, orange.
    Natural henna dye.
  • How to dye fabrics yellow, purplish, lilac, violet or ruby.
    How to dye fabrics at home.
  • How to color fabrics with natural dyes, green, yellow and red.
    How to dye cotton with natural colors.

How to color fabrics at home with dyes

On the market, idyes for fabricpermanent, i.e. that do not go away after a couple of washes. This is why you will not find good dyes for fabrics peeking through the shelves of shopping centers, even if they are well-stocked warehouses. To find dyes for fabric you have to contact shopkeepers specializing in DIY and dyes or, take advantage of the online purchase. The dyes described here are good for coloring any type of fabric with a low percentage of synthetic fibers, they are perfect dyes for dye the cotton, wool and other natural fabrics.

Just as we have raised the problem of the tightness of homemade dyes, we must do it with the synthetic dyes that we find on the market. The only product that seems to give good sealing guarantees is theFashion Spray Marabu, so much so that it has attracted the attention of authoritative magazines in the field of fashion academy. Using this dye for cotton and other fabrics, no etching step will be necessary, just apply the color and wear the garment to show it off with friends and family.

This dye for fabrics was developed to withstand washing in the washing machine by setting the modediamondfor delicate items (in short, it is washable in cold water up to 40 ° C!).

How to dye fabrics at home, the necessary

  • Dye or dye for fabrics (Fashionspray Marabu recommended)
  • Light fabrics (we recommend cotton or light fabrics with a maximum synthetic fiber content of 20%)
  • Iron
  • Stencil (recommended but not required)

Before painting the fabric (whether it's a shirt or pillowcase), wash it in the washing machine without any fabric softener. Let it wash and iron it.

When passing the color, place a cardboard between the front area of ​​the garment you want to color and its back, otherwise the color could penetrate the fabric fibers and dirty even the layers of fabric that you do not intend to color.

To paint on fabrics you can act afree handor much more conveniently by using customized templates (stencils), in this regard you may be interested in:

  • how to build a stencil template
  • advice on decorating with stencils

For a natural effect, you can twist the fabric with your fingertips and spray the spray dye for a faded effect. It's possiblecoloring cottonand other fabrics with the technique similar to batik, that is, twisting and tying the fabric and then nebulizing the color on the surface. The techniques described are those shown in the photo above.

Where to buy this product?
As stated, it is not easy to find it in supermarkets but it is possible to buy it using the online purchase on Amazon. Here are some purchase proposals:

      • Marabu Fashion Caribbean Dream - Set of colored sprays for fabrics
        A set of three Caribbean colors for coloring cotton and other fabrics is offered at a price of € 17.14 with free shipping. The set includes, as a gift, a sort of decorative marker to be able to make more accurate finishes and give a three-dimensional sense to the DIY dyeing performed.
      • Marabu - Fabric paint with spray dispenser, 100 ml
        A 100 ml spray bottle is offered at prices from 13.98 euros up to 14.24 euros depending on the color chosen. The colors for fabrics in this line are countless: red, blue, brown, black, gray, purple, orange, burgundy…. just scroll down the page and select the fabric color you like best.
      • Marabu - FashionSpray fabric dye spray, Sparkling Night set
        Kit of three evergreen spray colors to combine with each other for gradient effects and trendy colors: red, blue and gray. With the addition of the precision marker for further decorations and 3D effect. The set is offered at a price of 26.68 euros.

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