Bags and dark circles, grandmother's remedies

Bags and dark circles, grandmother's remedies: the strategies to reduce bags and dark circles without resorting to laser therapy or blepharoplasty. What are the causes and natural remedies to alleviate bags and dark circles.

Our column dedicated to the so-called home remedies is grandmother's remedies. Today we will focus on what are called in jargonbags and dark circles, we will explain the difference between these two imperfections and what are the concrete strategies to be implemented to eliminate them.

Difference between bags and dark circles

Bags and dark circles are two very different problems that are often confused. The bags indicate swollen eyes, or rather, periorbital swelling, while dark circles mean the blue-purple-brown discoloration due to the thinness of the suborbital skin that reveals the underlying vascular structures.

Dark circles, causes and remedies

Insomnia can accentuate the suborobital edema and make it more evident but this is not the cause of dark circles. As anticipated, theeye bagsthey are caused by thinning of the sortobitaria skin and no eye contour cream can really eliminate them completely. Even laser therapy does not seem to be really effective in reducing or eliminating dark circles, the chemical peel was more useful. It is possible to mask the eye bags with a good organic concealer or follow grandma's remedies set out below.

Bags under the eyes, causes and remedies

The typical swelling of the bags under the eyes can be dictated by an accumulation of liquids and infiltration of adipose tissue. The infiltration of adiposity can only take place following a loss of elasticity (calasi) of the skin under and above the eyelid. It is not easy to eliminate bags under the eyes, which is why many people, if they do not want to learn to live with them, are forced to go to surgery with blepharoplasty.

If, realistically speaking, the only solution to eliminate the bags is surgery, there are gods grandmother's remedies which can help us mitigate them at least marginally.

Bags and dark circles, grandmother's remedies

Less sodium and more micronutrients

It is really true, wellbeing starts with a healthy diet. Better to decrease the amount of salt introduced with your diet and fill up on micronutrients, make sure you take the right amount of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Cold compresses

Wrap some ice in a clean towel. While standing, apply the damp towel to the skin around the eyes, exerting light pressure.

Get the right amount and quality of sleep

Excess or lack of sleep can accentuate the problembags and dark circles. Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours a night and take care of your sleep quality. It may be helpful to take melatonin before going to bed.

In case of allergy

As well as the lack or excess of sleep, allergy can also aggravate the situation of bags and dark circles. Avoid any potential allergens, especially when it comes to home hygiene, for further information I refer you to the article:how to avoid domestic pollution.

Creams and chemical peels

The creams that we find on the market have nothing to do with home remedies however, from time to time, it is good to question the authority of the advice of the grandmother! Not a few dermatologists recommend revitalizing gel creams with a chemical peeling effect. Thisremedyit would seem to be more effective for dark circles and only marginally useful for bags.

It is true that the chemical peel promises to increase the elasticity of the tissues and to drain the excess fluids but the bags are not caused only by simple water retention, which is why this remedy can only attenuate the bags but will probably not be able to eliminate them completely . As for dark circles, it hydrates the area around the eyes by increasing the elasticity of the capillary tissues and performing a soothing action. Among the various products on the market we point out those formulated byMessegue Center,a bottle of 30 ml can be bought at a price of 20 euros including shipping costs. For all information, please refer to the official Amazon product page: Anti-bags and dark circles gel, Centro Messegue peeling.

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