Mites in the mattress: solutions

Mites in the mattress: all the tips for cleaning and eliminating mites from the mattress. Safety procedures to destroy mites and other allergens.

The bed is the place where we spend approximately eight hours a day. We take the trouble to dust wardrobes and dressers on a daily basis, but how do we put it withmattress? Thedust mitesthey feed on organic residues and other debris that settle everywhere, especially on the bed, pillows, sofas and mattresses. The dust is given by tiny fragments of substances that have disintegrated from everything present in the home environment, including the skin. Our body is in constant contact with the bed depositing dandruff and dead cells of our skin: it is these that nourish themites. How long have you not cleaned the mattress? Since a long time? You won't be pleased to know that, according to World Allergy Organization, a mattressit contains on average 2 million mites of the dust. For eliminate mites just thoroughly sanitize every part of the bed.

Thedust mitesthey don't bite, so they don't leave stings or bite marks. The signs affecting the skin can be traced back to bed bug bites, rashes related to the presence of mites, to a simple dermatitis ... the causes can be many.

How to clean the mattress from mites

First of all, make sure you keep the home environment clean. To eliminate dust mites you can follow our prescriptions as seen in the articles:

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To sanitize the mattress it is possible to exploit steam and high temperatures. Not only mattresses, be sure to also originate cushions and other upholstered materials (sofas, armchairs, chair covers…). There are various ad hoc devices on the market for cleaning fabrics.

Among the cheapest that guarantee the elimination of mites and the cleaning the mattress, we point out the Ultra Voltex Hover appliance which, thanks to its suction power, can thoroughly clean any padded fabric. Not just suction, the Ultra Voltex device can include a 4,200 rpm rotating brush and a UV-C germicidal lamp capable of killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

In the article dedicated to natural remedies to eliminate mites, we mentioned the sun: exposing the mattress in the sun it is possible, in fact, to exterminate mites superficial. The germicidal lamp artificially reproduces the effectiveness of the sun for eliminate mites in the most superficial layers of themattresswhile the suction power eliminates the mites deeper and allows a better action of the lamp.

The radiation from the lamp allows you to thoroughly sanitize mattresses, pillows, pillows, carpets and other fabrics. A great way to prevent dermatitis, allergies and asthma. Although the Ultra Voltex is one of the devices on the market with the best value for money, its cost is not a small one: this cleaner can be bought at an expense ranging between 130 - 170 euros. For more information on prices and performance, just browse the product description on Amazon: Ultra Voltex Hover.

Dust mites, other natural remedies

Among the natural solutions that allow us to eliminate mites there is neem oil, a one hundred percent natural oil, which does not pollute the environment. It is particularly suitable for removing parasites, mosquitoes, insects of various types and even mites. For preparation, simply mix 15 drops of neem oil in a liter of water and then spray this mixture directly on the mattress, sofa, cushions and other surfaces of the house with a dispenser. Neem oil is a fairly inexpensive remedy: 250 ml of Neem oil can be bought for 10.99 euros with free shipping. All information:Virgin Neem Oil .

Other types of mites:

  • Skin mites
  • Chicken mites