Creative recycling with plastic bottles

Creative recycling with plastic bottles: water, milk, soft drinks, cleaning products, there are many empty plastic bottles that we accumulate in the special plastic collection bin ... yet they represent a very important resource in terms of creative recycling.

Those who love do-it-yourself, in fact, see empty plastic bottles as the perfect material to create different creative objects: even those who are less experienced in DIY can recycle empty plastic bottles in a creative and original way. In this regard we will show you some creative recycling ideas with this material, apparently very precious.

Creative recycling with plastic bottles

Piggy bank

To make a nice piggy bank, simply make a horizontal incision of a few centimeters near the neck of the bottle and glue the cap with silicone glue.

Pen holder

Cut the plastic bottle to the desired height, finish the edges with sandpaper, then try your hand at decorating

Pots for the garden

Wash the bottle then dry it and cut it to the desired height with the help of a scissor or a knife, finishing the edges with sandpaper. With a hot nail, make small holes in the bottom of the bottle to allow the water in excess flow.
Insert a stone of the small stones creating a layer of about 3 centimeters to give stability to the vase. Add the soil and the plant you want to grow: aromatic herbs are recommended; they can be grown on the balcony and look great too.

Vases in suspension

The upper part of the bottle that is generally thrown away can also become a vase, and in this case to hang, obviously the cap will also be needed. Just cut the bottle, make two side holes and let some resistant wire pass from one end to the other so as to create a handle: the wire is fixed with a knot

It is also possible to create a vase, using both parts of the bottle; this type of pot is well suited for growing bulbs in water. To make the vase, just cut a bottle in half, turn the upper one over and insert it into the lower one (previously filled with water), as if it were a funnel; the bulb, placed in the neck of the bottle, will take the necessary water from the lower section of the vase and, if the bottle is transparent, it will grow as if it were suspended.

Alternatively, a horizontal jar can also be made using the entire bottle, obviously the cap is also required. Just create an opening cut out on one side (a rectangle of 5-6cm), drill a few small holes and add the soil to allow the plant to develop. The vases made in this way can be placed on shelves or can be combined to create a suspended vertical garden: in this case, holes must be made on the sides of the bottle in which to insert resistant threads that will be fixed with a knot.


Cut the neck of the bottle, draw with a felt-tip pen and carve some figures (circles, squares, stars) to allow the light to pass and create games, finally make a hole in the center of the cap to let the LED lights pass.

Candle holder

With the bottom of the bottles we can create a candle holder that recreates the final effect of a flower. Just draw the petals on the edge of the bottle (zig zag or wave) and cut out the plastic following the guideline. You just have to place the tealight in the center.

Furniture lamp

The realization of this lamp requires a discrete dexterity. You need at least 30 bottles which must be of the same type and color. Cut the bottom 2.5 cm from the base then assemble them next to each other, using a practical stapler, to create a sphere. Remember to leave an empty space in the center of the base to create the bulb housing. Once you have created the sphere of bottle bottoms, simply place it on the lamp holder.

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