Strawberry tree, pruning and advice

Abouthow to prune the strawberry tree: pot pruning, the pruning in the open ground, the intervention period and all the tips for having a healthy and well-bred strawberry tree.

Thestrawberry treeit's aacidophilic plant not obliged, that is, it can tolerate even slightly calcareous soils. The botanical name of thestrawberry treeis "Arbutus unedo“, Is an evergreen of the Ericaceae family, native to the maquisMediterraneanand of Europe. Thanks to hismassive presencein the south west and north west of Ireland it is also known asIrish strawberry treeorcane applefrom the nameGaelic "Caithne".

Based on the type ofpruning, thestrawberry treecan be grown both in formshrubby,both sapling. With the right precautions, thestrawberry treeit lends itself well to growing in pots with a sapling training system.

Strawberry tree, the plant

Thestrawberry tree reaches heights between 5 and 10 meters, in ideal conditions its height can reach 15 meters. The trunk reaches a diameter of 80 cm. The leaves of thestrawberry treethey are green and shiny, from 5 to 10 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. The leaves have a serrated edge. Thestrawberry treeit is famous for its flowers and fruit. The flowers are hermaphroditic, white (more rarely, pale pink), bell-shaped and 4-10 mm in diameter. They bloom in small panicles that collect together even 10 or 30 flowers. The flowers bloom in the fall. For all information on thecultivation of strawberry trees in potsor in the garden, I point out my guides:

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Strawberry tree, the fruit

Thefruitit is a red berry, 1-2 cm in diameter and has a rough surface: they are covered with rigid tubercles and a few mm thick. The following photo shows a bowl ofstrawberry treesharvested in late November in my garden. Thefruitit takes almost a year for its formation and maturation, in fact in autumn, together with the flowers, the red fruits are found on the plant. It is for this particularity that thestrawberry treeit is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant.

A disadvantage of growing strawberry trees in pots or in the garden, as an ornamental plant, is that the fruits tend to fall and for this reason it will be necessary to spend some time cleaning the soil. On the other hand, with the fruits, it is possible to prepare excellent desserts, preserves and jams. For all information on the fruit, I refer you:

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Strawberry tree: pruning

As anticipated, based on thepruningadopted, onstrawberry treeit can be grown as a bush or as a sapling. The difference is that in the form of sapling training the length of the jets is taken care of while with thepruningto sapling the basal jets are removed.

Prune the strawberry treeit is very easy because, in any case, the intervention must be very limited. The same rules apply to both thepruning of the strawberry tree in pot, both for prune the plant grown in the open ground. For pot pruning, there are those who recommend the canopy containment interventions, in this case the production of flowers and fruit will be drastically reduced in the following autumn season.

When to prune the strawberry tree

Therepruningit should be performed only on plants that have reached 4 - 5 years of age.

Pruning of the strawberry tree, the right time

Theperiodoptimal forprune the strawberry treefalls in spring.

The pruning of the strawberry tree

Therepruningto raise the strawberry tree as a sapling it is limited to showing the bark freeing the stem from the basal jets. For this purpose, with thepruningyou will have to cut off the branches that grow in the lower part of the plant. By doing this regularly, every spring, you should be able to cut one or two shoots per season without subjecting the plant to excessive cutting stress.

Therepruningof thestrawberry treeit must be limited to a minimum, especially if you intend to intervene on the foliage: the plant bears flowers and fruits throughout the year, so it is necessary to intervene only on diseased or too old branches that do not bring flowering.

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