Central heating, the new rules

Central heating accounted for: here's what theEuropean directive on energy efficiencyand the deadlines to comply with legal obligations.

Those on the central heating accounted forthey are not simplerulescondominium. It is the European directive 2012/27 / EU that dictates the new onesrules: the law imposes the obligation to install a system ofheat accountingto allow condominiums toto payreally what they consume. The so-called "calorie counter"Must be installed within the legal limits.

Central heating is one of the most common forms of heating in Italy, in the context of condominium buildings. The centralized warming serves the entire building and cannot be regulatedindependentlyas is the case with the independent heating system. The law assigns responsibility for the safety and management ofcentral heating system to the condominium administrator. With the new EU directive, it is always the condominium administrator who has the duty to notify all condominiums of the adjustment. Among the rules already in force governing the use ofcentralized warmingthere are theat your placeto be respected according to the climatic zone. With the European directive that aims atEnergy efficiency, the rule ofaccounting.

Central heating accounted for

Thereheat accountingit is a system that allows the heating costs to be shared fairly: the payment for heating will be made based on the actual consumption of each user.

Thanks to heat metering, individual inhabitants will be able to take advantage of the advantages of a centralized system and, at the same time, enjoy the freedom of an autonomous system through thermoregulation and chronothermostat.

What the legislation says

ThereEuropean Directive on energy efficiencyobliges the condominiums they owncentralized warming to install a system ofheat meter on each system. What does this intervention consist of? The centralized system must be adequate to be connected to the heat metering system to the thermostatic valves installed individually on each radiator in the building.

Thanks to the thermostatic valves and the so-calledcalorie counter it will be possible to measure the heat emitted by each radiator, control and regulate the temperature in every single room of the entire building.

Terms and deadlines

The law provides that the installation ofheat accountingmust be carried out within specific deadlines based on the region of belonging.

In the province of Bolzano, the deadline expired on January 1, 2015. The deadline in Lombardy was even earlier, where the condominiums had to adapt by August 1, 2014. For all other regions of Italy, the deadline for installing a system ofheat accountingit is set by 31 December 2016. After this date, penalties will be applied for delays or high fines for non-compliance.

The best time to install a heat meter falls from the month of April, when all the condominiums in Italy have now been switched offcentral heating. The installation is also a good opportunity to check the energy efficiency of the boiler and evaluate a replacement cost:

not all boilers are suitable for installing thermostatic valves. Some boilers need to be adapted with significant investments. At this point, during the condominium meetings it will be necessary to assess whether it is convenient to intervene with the replacement of the entire boiler: the purchase of a new heating system can benefit from the incentives provided for with the so-calledThermal accountas well as any restructuring intervention can benefit from tax deductions. For more information about the expenses to be incurred and the legal obligations, we refer you to reading the article entitledInstallation of thermostatic valves, mandatory since 2016.

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