Pruning scissors, tips for choosing

Pruning scissors: tips for choosing the right scissors for pruning vineyards, olive groves, orchards, nursery, garden, ornamental and woody plants.

Choose thepruning scissorsit's not as simple as it sounds. There are different types of pruning shears and in the choice one must consider several factors such as: the size of the hand that will have to hold it, the shape of the blade, the type of grip, the tree or plant that needs to be pruned, the price we are willing to pay for the purchase.

Ratchet pruning shears

Ratchet scissors are very versatile. They have no preference for tree species and, in general, are suitable for cutting particularly hard branches. In the care of the flower garden they can be used for cutting wood that sometimes, due to the hardness, can give a hard time to the fair sex and to those who do not have much strength in their hands. They are recommended for prune hydrangeas, wisteria but also fruit plants.

The ratchet system allows you to distribute the cutting effort: depending on the diameter of the branch, it is possible to activate the ratchet system and perform a clean cut with minimal effort.

The price of ratchet scissors? A good item with excellent value for money can be found on Amazon for 8.05 euros with free shipping. These are the Brüder ratchet scissors, they have an aluminum body to ensure maximum handling. Guarantees clean cuts without crushing and are suitable for gardening in the home.

Double-edged pruning shears

Even the double-edged scissors they promise less effort than traditional scissors… but not as much as the ratchet scissors! The double-edged scissor allows the convergence of the blades in the center of the branch to be pruned by making a clean cut. There double-edged pruning shears it is recommended for a more experienced audience who have more strength in their hands. The double-edged pruning shear has the advantage of returning a clear and precise incision ensuring faster healing of the plant. This type of scissors is ideal for orchards, for ornamental cuts, for pruning woodland plants, for beautifying nurseries and for minor interventions on olive trees (eliminate suckers and thinner branches that do not require a chainsaw).

Although many winegrowers recommend it for pruning vines, a curved blade scissor is more suitable for pruning vineyards.

Among the double-edged scissors with the best value for money we recommend those of the Archman line. On Amazon, the Archman Double-Cut Scissors with 21 cm blade is offered at the promotional price of 29.44 euros with free shipping. The same range, in garden centers, is priced at 34.90 euros.

Compressed air pruning shears

Who is on the hunt forscissors for pruning olive treesmay find the so-called usefulpneumatic scissors. Scissorspneumatic, as well as the pruning scissors electric, are recommended for intensive pruning. They are especially well suited forprune the vine, theolive treesand fruit trees.

They are undoubtedly recommended for pruning vineyards. Compared to electric scissors they are noisier. Pneumatic scissors have the disadvantage of constantly needing thecompressoror thetractor or a portable motor-compressor.

They are perfect for pruning tall trees without the use of a ladder because they can be connected to telescopic handles. When pruning olive trees and other fruit trees, the user can cut the highest branches from the ground.

Scissors for pruning olive trees

For theolive treesa separate paragraph is required. For thepruning of olive groves, many operators in the sector prefer to use the chainsaw directly. The chainsaw has the drawback of being unwieldy and unsuitable for cutting thinner branches. On the contrary, working with thecompressed air scissors, it is easy to eliminate the suckers and other low diameter branches but the problem arises in the presence of very large branches that require a hacksaw and chainsaw.

The connection pipe to the compressor of thecompressed air scissorsit doesn't bother you when it comes to pruning the vines. On the contrary, for the pruning of olive groves it could impact with the newly cut branches.

Scissors for pruning tall trees

As mentioned for thepneumatic scissors, there are many pruning shears that can solve the problem of heights. Electric scissors and compressed air scissors are considered "professional pruning shears "because they are dedicated to an audience that needs to speed up work (up to 35 - 40%) on a large scale. For users who want to prune tall trees without the use of ladders, we recommend the article "Pruning tall trees, that's what you need ".These tools are particularly useful for vertical gardens, for pruning climbing plants or arboreal pergolas.

The photo above shows another excellent product. These are the traditional Ohuhu shears, they are especially recommended for those with small hands. The price is 16.99 euros with free shipping.

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