How to make homemade yogurt in 5 steps

How to make yogurt at home: recipe and clear and simple instructions to make yogurt at home without a yogurt maker.

Theyogurtit is a healthy food and with the right recipe it can be prepared at home in a short time. To better enjoy ityogurt,this can be enriched with oat flakes, chocolate, dried or fresh fruit.

The yogurtis counted among foodsprobiotics, also called "functional foods"These are those foods that favor our intestinal bacterial flora by helping our natural immune defenses.

Theyogurtthat we find on the market is rich in added sugars, additives, preservatives and sometimes dyes. With thehomemade yogurtlet's solve the problem of "unwanted ingredients "and we can prepare a creamy and tasty snack even for the little ones.

Lactic ferments to start

Theyogurtit is nothing but fermented milk characterized by the presence of two bacteria, the Lattobacillus bulgaricusand itStreptococcus thermophilus. In this page we will see how to serve excellenthomemade yogurt without yogurt maker.

To do ithomemade yogurtpay attention to the ingredients. Do not save on raw materials and choose organic milk. Just think that with a liter of organic milk (which can be bought for about 1.39 euros) and a single jar of organic yogurt (which can be bought for about 1 euro) you can get 7 pots of yogurt. Obviously for the preparation of the other jars of yogurt homemade, you can use your own yogurt as a fermentative starter to guarantee further savings.

If you don't feel like preparinghomemade yogurtstarting from the lactic ferments that you find in commercial yogurt, you can buy lactic ferments at the pharmacy. A sachet of lactic ferments bought at the pharmacy costs about one euro and is enough to convert intoyogurta liter of milk.

How to make homemade yoghurt without yoghurt - the recipe

The ingredients are those already mentioned above. Among the tools to use you will need a cooking thermometer, a blanket, a non-stick pan, clean and sterilized jars (you may be interested in:how to sterilize jars).

In reality, the kitchen thermometer is not strictly essential. The milk should be hot but not boiling. If you don't want to buy a cooking thermometer (nor a yoghurt maker that automatically brings the jars to temperature), you can dip your finger in the milk which must be very hot but not so hot that it burns you. The temperature reached must be around 40 ° C. Let's now see the recipe for making yogurt at home.


  • 1 liter of fresh whole milk and organic.
  • Freeze-dried lactic ferments purchased at the pharmacy or a jar of whole yogurt.

those who want their own lactic culture can take advantage of a sachet proposed on Amazon that allows you to prepare 25 liters of yogurt. From the homemade yogurt it will be possible to set aside a few ml to use as a starter for new yogurt ... in practice you buy it once and it lasts a lifetime! :)


  • 1) Put the milk to heat. The milk temperature must reach 40 ° but not exceed it. Beyond the threshold of 50 ° C, we will cause the partial inactivity of the lactic ferments. The yoghurt makers that we find on the market reach the ideal temperature of 37 - 38 ° C.
  • 2) With a spoon, remove the superficial patina that has been created from the milk.
  • 3) Prepare the jars: in each jar add a teaspoon of natural whole yogurt at room temperature. Add two tablespoons of warmed milk to each jar and mix.
  • 4) Add the remaining amount of milk to each jar until they are completely filled.
  • 5) Seal the jars and let them ferment for 8 hours. To aid fermentation, cover the jars with a blanket.

When it yogurt it will be ready, put it in the fridge and wait 12 - 24 hours before enjoying it. Thefresh homemade yogurtit must be consumed within a week. To help you, mark the “packing” date on the jars.

Thefresh homemade yogurtit tastes slightly moresourissouryogurt that we find on the market. To make it sweeter, you can add a teaspoon of honey or, for those on a diet, you can add natural sweetener such as stevia. Thelight yogurtsweetened with stevia it is suitable for low-calorie diets. To get one low-fat fresh yogurt you can use semi-skimmed milk even if this choice will affect the final flavor. Do as many experiments as you wish so as to decide, with knowledge of the facts, what your palate prefers.

In the photo, my fresh homemade yogurt.

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