Shetland Shepherd: character and price

Shetland Shepherd, too similar enough to be confused with other shepherds of Abruzzese origin, he is the true and only one Shetland Sheepdog, the dog born to look after the flocks that graze on the famous islands a few miles from Scotland.

That of Shetland Shepherd is an officially recognized breed, in the category of shepherd and cattle dogs. Originally from Scotland, easy to say, it is a small dog but it has a lot to say, in Italy it is still not very common but it will most likely be successful once dog lovers realize that among the 10 most intelligent dog breeds and touches the podium. The original name of the Shetland Shepherd is Shetland Sheepdog.

The nature of this dog, and the habits, and the nature, are those typical of the shepherd dog, with harmonious proportions and the behavior of those who know and must guard the flocks. The Shetland Shepherd he is also an excellent companion dog and can also be used as a guard dog as well as a champion Agility dog. If he does not know you, he shows himself very suspicious, as it is right and understandable that it is, but then he melts and becomes very sweet.

Shetland Shepherd: Origins

The name of Shetland Shepherd tells its geographical origins to be found in the Shetland Islands, only a few miles away from Scotland. The sea in between. Many experts claim that this breed was born from the cross between Collies and lo Icelandic Yakkin, a small Icelandic dog now no longer recognized but traceable among those "whalers" animals.

The race of the Shetland Shepherd was born to guard and lead the flocks of sheep on the rugged and very interesting but naturalistically impervious territory of the Shetlands. In 1909 it was officially recognized, in 1911 it was included in the registers of the United Stated and today it can boast of being a widespread breed both in Great Britain - it plays easy at home - and in other neighboring and hospitable European countries.

Unfortunately in Italy it is still difficult to spread the Shetland Shepherd even if there are numerous and more than worthy if not excellent farms from which morphologically almost flawless specimens come out.

Shetland Shepherd: Appearance

Similar to the better known Scottish Shepherd, the Shetland Shepherd is a dog of 40 cm at the withers and about 6-8 kg,
, the females a little less, with a colorful and attractive coat. The admitted and most frequent colors are fawn, with all its shades, and the tricolor version of black, white and brown. There are also blue merle (gray upholstered), two-tone (black and white) specimens while increasingly rare, even if officially admitted, is black and tan.

Different and appreciable colors and tints, but the coat of the Shetland Shepherd it has a soft, short and thick undercoat, the almond-shaped eyes are dark brown and generally large, the ears are medium, straight and stretched forward.

Shetland Shepherd: character

Smart and confident the Shetland Shepherd is a dog with a strong and decisive character, always tenacious and lively, aware of its role: the shepherd dog. A shepherd dog must have clear ideas and he has them, he is never aggressive or fearful, he has character and guts. Even children are for him to lead, in the world of games, and to protect, showing himself as a generous and reliable playmate.No moments of anger or aggression.

The master for the Shetland Shepherd he is a leader to follow, with cheerfulness, light-heartedness. This breed is easy to train, making it ideal as a working dog, but an excellent show dog, in addition to or for family life.

Shetland Shepherd: rearing
In Italy it is bred and also well but it has yet to make itself known for what it is worth, the Shetland Shepherd, and it's worth a lot. It is one of the smartest dogs that exist in the world and you can see it from how it knows how to stay in its place both at work and in the family, even with strangers that they personally do not like but that they can manage without appearing and making us appear inhospitable.

The often multicolored coat of the Shetland Shepherd, it must be brushed periodically to avoid knots, impurities and traces of dust, as far as nutrition is concerned, it must be treated, varied and balanced as for other dogs with no particular needs other than those that guarantee health and energy.

Shetland Shepherd: price

The price of a puppy's Shetland Shepherd it's about 700-800 euros but it is often found, especially online, mixed with other shepherds of similar origin. Be careful not to offend him in the exchange, he really cares about his qualification as one of the 10 most intelligent dogs in the world. The average life of the Shetland Shepherd it is about 12-15 years old if kept well, with movement and nutrition as recommended and lots of pampering.

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