Cupcakes decorated for Christmas

For the preparation ofcupcakeswe refer you to the classic recipes, today we will deal with thedecorations for cupcakesChristmas themed. THEChristmas cupcakesthey differ from the classicscupcakesjust for theirsdecorations, garnished with Swiss cream, frosting or chocolate coating and meringues. Let's see togetherhow to decorate cupcakesfor a respectable Christmas design!

For a snow effect, the meringues are perfect!
A meringue-based coating should be prepared with:
150g of egg white, about 4 medium eggs
150g of white sugar
The meringues are prepared in the traditional way, whipping the egg whites and adding them to the sugar. The egg whites should be whipped for at least 15 minutes using the maximum speed of the mixer. Pour the meringue into onesac à poche and decorate the cupcakes.


Personify the decorations… The creation of the eyes
When making a snowman (perhaps with meringues) or an elk (with biscuits and pretzels), it will be necessary to incorporate a nice pair of eyes into the decoration. To make the eyes on a white background (as in the case of Swiss cream or meringues) you can use a drop of chocolate, for the eyes on a colored background (as in the case of cream cheese, frosting or chocolate) you will have to use two sugars in the center of which, instead of the food coloring, a nice drop of dark chocolate will be placed. For every 200g dark chocolate it is good to add 2 teaspoons of sunflower oil to facilitate its application. The chocolate will melt in a double boiler.

Decorate with the Philadelphia frosting
The ingredients:
250 gr Philadelphia (in a block or in a tray as long as it is the traditional type)
180 gr icing sugar
120 gr soft butter
vanillin or flavor to taste


Of course we only provide you with quantities to indicate proportions. For the procedure, the icing sugar with the soft butter must be whipped with an electric whisk for about ten minutes. Once whipped, add the aroma and the classic Philadelphia cheese. Mix gently and ... that's it! Before using it fordecorate the cupcakeslet the cream cheese cool in the fridge to make it thicker and more consistent.

Video: How to make a BUTTERCREAM CHRISTMAS WREATH CUPCAKE (December 2021).