BMW, 40 years of electric

The German car manufacturer BMW produced his first electric car in 1972, so today he turned 40 in the sector of electric mobility. There BMW will reach its peak in the second half of 2013, when the new electric, the BMW i3. It all started during the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Here the BMW debuts with two test vehicles a electric traction, these are the converted models BMW 1602. From that day to today things have changed!

The first BMW electric cars they were equipped with lead-acid batteries weighing 350 kilograms and had a range of about 30 kilometers. The second attempt BMW went better and in 1975 the car manufacturer presented theelectric car BMW LS. The German house had noticed the great potential of the electric cars so already in 1972 he started several research and development projects. In 1980 the "Electric Car with high energy battery" project came to life, experimenting with the "sodium-sulfur" technology for electrical storage.

There BMW continued its tests by converting to electric eight models of 325iX. The winning example of electric cars has found a place in the German postal system as a delivery vehicle. Let's try to retrace the innovations BMW Electric based on some of the technologies exploited by car:

  1. BMW 1602 Electric, we are in 1972 and the motor is a DC shunt-wound (Bosch). The Varta battery weighs 350 kg. The maximum speed is 100 km / h and the range in city traffic is 30 km.
  2. BMW LS Electric, we are in 1975. The Bosh engine is of the DC series. The Varta battery weighs 318 kg. The autonomy in city traffic is 30 kilometers.
  3. BMW 325iX. We are in 1987, the battery weighs "only" 265 kg and the range has risen to 150 km.
  4. BMW E1. Sodium-sulfur batteries lay even less, 200 kg. We are in 1991 and the car has a range of 150 km and a top speed of 125 km / h. It is 1991.
  5. BMW 325. The Sodium Nickel Chloride battery weighs 260 kg and offers a range of 120 km. The maximum speed is 128 km / h. It is 1992.
  6. BMW Electric. The battery still increases in weight, 350 kg. The maximum speed is 135 km / h and the range in city traffic is 150 km.
  7. MINI E. It is easy to remember, we are in 2008. The batteries are lithium-ion, 260 kg for a range of 250 kilometers. The engine is the Asynchronous and the top speed is 153 km / h.
  8. BMW Active E. We are in 2010. The lithium-ion battery weighs 450 kg, ensures a range of 160 km. A speed of 145 km / h and acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes 9 seconds.

Now everyone is in love with the I series. One example is the BMW i8 that stole Nathan's heart in his latest Mission Impossible.

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