How to read the water meter

In this guide we will show you how to read the water meter in order to independently detect the water consumption recorded by the meter. Reading the meter is a very simple procedure that we can carry out in a short time and can also prove to be an advantageous operation.

The water meter it has a clock shape characterized by a central part, the counter block and by inlet and outlet pipes. In the new meters, the reading is displayed by means of the hands on the front face of the counter block.
There are two types of counters: the hand model and the direct reading model. Let's see them in detail.

How to read the water meter, model with hands
The dated counters have dials with indexes, indirect reading. In this case the dials with black numerators indicate cubic meters, while the decimals are red. To read the counter just write down the numbers with black indices. To verify the existence of a leak, it is also recommended to use the red indices which allow a much more precise and faster reading.
Reading is done by reading the hands of the black watches clockwise:
before x1000m3
then x100m3
then x10m3
finally x1m3.
If the hand is placed between two numbers, the number preceding the hand must be considered.

How to read the water meter, direct reading model
In this case, the meter reading is much simpler: just consider the whole black digits (those before a possible comma) from left to right.
If the last digit is not aligned with the others, the lower one must be considered.

Self-reading of the meter, advantages
With the self-reading of the water meter we can communicate their consumption recorded by the meter: this allows us to be able to receive online charges for their consumption withdrawals.
Self-reading can be done by telephone by calling the free toll-free number found on the invoice: the communication must be made within the period indicated in the bill.

ATTENTION: if you find your water meter illegible or damaged because it is frozen, you must inform your water network operator to have it replaced.

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