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Parco Media Valle Lambro and psychogeography

Let's start with the 10 thousand euros available to the video maker who will be awarded the task of making a documentary (lasting at least 20 minutes) dedicated to Middle Valle Lambro Park. Then after we explain what 'psychogeography' is.

Real money. The announcement for the realization of the video was published on Monday 16 June on the website of Middle Valle Lambro Park (at the bottom of this article you will find the link) and the money is there for real.

Who can participate? All, even if the promoters expect the participation of professionals in the sector who, if interested, are invited to participate in the Psychogeogragic Exercises scheduled for the weekend 21-22 June. The screenplay of the documentary will in fact be created starting from the ideas, videos but also writings, produced during these two rather special days.

Exercises yes, but where? With psychogeography we meet in many places. On the weekend of 21-22 June the 300 hectares of the Middle Valle Lambro Park (Brugherio, Cologno Monzese and Sesto San Giovanni, with extension to Monza and Milan) will be covered by guided walks, shows, itinerant concerts, presentations and lessons of various kinds. To choose the most suitable exercises for you, consult the weekend program.

Exercises with whom? There will be the writers Gianni Biondillo and Michele Monina, there will be the architect Sebastiano Brandolini and the director Giuseppe Baresi. And again because it's not over: the journalist Saverio Paffumi, the landscape architect Elisabetta Bianchessi and the comedians of Zelig Rafael Didoni, Germano Lanzoni and Flavio Pirini. For the musical part there will also be the actor Walter Leonardi and the band of Gogol Borghezio (a Roma-Brianza band) together with the fanfare of Contrabbanda.

And psychogeography? No, we have not forgotten and for those who have never heard this term we add two pieces of information that can then be further explored at will.

Psychogeography began to be talked about in the 1950s with the artistic movement of the Lettrists. Because? Because at that time of 'great post-war reconstruction' there was a need for an investigation methodology capable of studying and redefining the relationship between psyche and environment. The same need that animates the promoters of the project today Middle Valle Lambro Park.

Watch the call for videomakers on the Parco Media Valle Lambro website

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