Pond in the garden

In addition to the construction of an artificial pond, those who have a garden or a vegetable garden can create a small onepond. Onepondit can give the garden a great aesthetic value while if we are among the garden beds, a humid environment can be useful for plants and can create the perfect habitat for toads and other allies.

Who associates itpondto mosquitoes, he will have to change his mind, indeed, itpondit can become an excellent anti-mosquito trap. Forto achievea pondyou need a pump with filter forponds, a plastic sheet that can be easily purchased at specialized nurseries - the same one we used to make ponds -. Before purchasing the material, you will need to choose the location of thepond.

The ideal position faces south, the planting in full sun must be avoided in order not to facilitate the development of algae. The dimensions must also be chosen carefully: to cope with winter frosts it ispondit will have to be deep enough. A pond measuring 10 meters in surface and 1 meter deep avoids problems with frosts. Still regarding the position, it must be borne in mind that the proximity of a water source will be needed to supply it pond.

Who wants to make onepondparticularly precise, it can dig deeper and then fill the first layers with sand. In any case it will be necessary to sift the soil, remove stones and clods that could damage the cloth or waterproof coating. The first thing to do is to dig the hole and then deposit all the layers of cover.

Thepondit naturally refreshes the garden and, as described in the introduction, it can perform an anti-mosquito action by acting as a real trap. Thepondrepresents the ideal habitat for some fish ... here's what will happen: the humid environment of thepondwill attract mosquitoes for spawning, the laid eggs will then be ingested by host fish such as gambusias that are greedy for mosquito larvae!

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