Bottle sprinkler, here's how to build it

Abottle sprinklerit can be very useful for automating irrigation for a short vacation away from home.

On the market there are some kits to makebottle sprinklersor even ready-to-use plastic bottles. Who does not intend to do "expenses"Extra can cater for build a bottle sprinkler using what he has at home.

Here's what it takes forbuild a bottle sprinkler:

-A bottle or bottle
- Plastic, metal or wooden posts
- Various work tools (scissors, knife, pin, Phillips screwdriver ...)
- Iron wire and pliers (optional)

If you intend to use an old detergent bottle, you will need to wash it over and over and make sure you have removed all traces of the chemical detergent contained.

If theplantfrom irrigate has a brace or has a sufficiently strong trunk, no stake will be needed. The plastic or other material stakes are used to support the bottle or bottle, but if the plant has a stake or has an already developed trunk, just use the string to "to tie”The bottle to the trunk or brace.

If the plant does not have a well-developed trunk, nor a stake, make sure to plant the stakes next to the plant respecting the right distance from the stem to avoid damage to the root system.

How to proceed
Take the cap of the bottle or bottle. Make a hole in the center of the cap using a pointed tool such as a screwdriver or pin. To facilitate the work you could heat the tip of the pin with a lighter, the heat makes the plastic more workable.

Take a small piece of string and thread it into the hole you just made. Inside the cap, make a knot in the twine: the thickness of the knot must be wider than that of the hole so as not to drop the twine. Keeping the bottle upside down, screw the cap on. The twine will function as a water “dispenser”.

Always keeping the bottle upside down, make an additional hole in the bottom of the bottle.

You are now ready to install yoursbottle sprinkler:
With a fairly strong string or string (copper or iron wire is fine too, but you will need a pincer / pliers to secure it), attach the bottle to the stake you planted earlier.

Fill the bottle with water using the hole in the bottom and using a funnel.

The water will flow very slowly from the hole you have made and which you have expertly filled with permeable twine. For the well-being of the plant, the quantity of water that reaches it is not so important as the constancy of the supply.

Refill the bottle weekly.

Video: How to Build DIY Water Bottle Sprinkler (November 2021).