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Mold on the topsoil, what to do

Have you ever noticed the mold on the soil? In fact, it can happen that a light layer of mold forms on the soil in the pot at the base of the plant: this occurs in particular conditions such as humidity, low light and ventilation. Even some wrong interventions by humans can promote mold: excessive irrigation or poorly draining soil.

Mold on the topsoil, in which period does it form?
Above all, mold forms in winter when we leave the plants in the apartment in dark rooms and water them more than necessary: ​​the water present in the pots, due to the humid and stagnant air, has difficulty evaporating, thus resulting in fertile soil for the development of fungi and molds. However, it should be noted that mold can potentially occur at any time of the year, even outdoors.

Mold on the soil, what to do?
In general, mold does not represent a serious problem for plant health, however, over time the plants can weaken and become ugly if not promptly intervened. Here's how to intervene:

  • Drastically reduce watering and make sure that the soil dries well
  • Remove the upper part of the soil containing the fungus and replace it with new, dry and more draining earth: all the earth in the pot should be eliminated, but the operation risks stressing the plant, especially if performed in a rest period such as the winter
  • Remove only the superficial layer with the help of a spoon, taking care to eliminate all the layer of mold and not to damage the roots of our plant
  • Once the soil has been replaced with a lighter and more draining one, place a light layer of moisture-absorbing materials, such as perlite or expanded clay on top
  • If you want to intervene in a more invasive way, you can resort to the application of ad hoc products that you find on sale in specialized centers.

Important recommendation: in order to prevent mold from forming, it is always good to pay close attention to how to water the plants. We often add too much water, without being careful to avoid water stagnation which, in addition to causing mold, can cause the roots to rot.

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