Flex fuel engines, for dual fuel

Flex fuel engines: some car manufacturers, including Fiat, produce cars capable of being powered by bioethanol, biodiesel and other biofuel. Bioethanol cars are very popular in Brazil and the manufacturer Fiat offers car modelsflex fuelnot only in Latin America but also in neighboring Switzerland (Fiat cars that go to bioetnaolo).

As well as Fiat, Saab also offers standard cars with the so-calledFlex Fuel engine. The first cars with flex fuel engineswere introduced to the Saab list in 2005 with the bioethanol-powered BioPowert versions of the Saab 9-5. Saab's BioPower models sold 11,500 units, so much so that in 2006, BioPowert 2.0T powertrains accounted for 80% of the model's sales on the entire Swedish market.

Flex Fuel Engines
The enginesflex fuelthey are engines capable of being powered exclusively by alcohol, petrol or any mixture of the two fuels (E10, E85 or other percentages). Three industries that produceflex fuel engineswe point out the Magneti Marelli which proposes aflex fuel enginefrom the intelligent control unit. The main adaptation consists precisely in the control unit which, by means of a calculation software, is able to identify the combination of alcohol and petrol present in the tank and, using the information received from the sensors of the engine control system and a particular probe, they always succeed to create the ideal situation for powering the car.

Starting from the information collected by the Lambda probe and sensors, in about one thousandth of a second, the intelligent control unit is able to calculate the exact ratio of the air / fuel mixture to be injected into the engine and the optimal instant of ignition of the spark plug. Thanks to this enhanced control unit, it is possible to improve combustion in the combustion chamber, whatever the bioethanol mixture present in the tank.

If the technology of theflex fuel enginesit may seem incredible, even more innovative is the action oftetrafuel engines. In 2006, in Brazil, Fiat launched the Siena Tetrafuel range (car visible in the photo above), which, thanks to its engine, can be powered by four different fuels. The Fiat Siena is available with different engines, the Flex Fuel which allows bioethanol traction and the Tetrafuel which allows the use of four different fuels: alcohol and petrol, in any mixture but also LPG or methane. Four fuels that can be interchanged without any problem.

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