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Lamio: properties and natural remedies

Lamio: properties and natural remedies

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The lamio it is a little known herb. Although it is very widespread and can also be found in the meadows of inhabited centers. Here it should not be confused with the nettle, to which the lamio White.

Perhaps the little notoriety of the lamio it depends on the fact that in the great botanical family to which it belongs, that of the labiates, there are already many prima donnas - lavender, savory pain, thyme, rosemary, mint, sage and lemon balm - and when there is so much competition ...

The fact remains that the lamio, indeed i sheets they are very important in herbal medicine and are used in the preparation of natural remedies (especially infusions and decoctions) against phlegm and as a diuretic. There are four types: yellow lamio, white lamio (white nettle, false nettle, dumb nettle ...), spotted lamio and purple lamio (or red).

Where to find it and how to recognize it. We said that the lamio it is very widespread and can be found in the woods, in the uncultivated land, along the paths and even in the meadows in the city. At first glance it looks a lot like nettle because it has the same oval leaves that end in serrated tips. The leaves of lamio however, they do not have stinging hairs and do not contain poison. The benefits of nettles are similar to those of lamio.

The name lamio comes from the Greek laimos which means fauce. It depends on the fact that the stems, square, have opposite leaves that bring purple flowers to the armpit that truly resemble half-open jaws.

The lamio it is harvested in May-June because the part used is that of the flowers and the inflorescences of the tops and this is the period that precedes complete flowering. The harvest is dried and then stored in a glass jar with a breathable closure or in paper bags. It can also be planted in the vegetable garden or in a corner of the garden, but it will probably already be there that you have never noticed it.

Preparations based on lamio. For the infusion and the decoction, half a handful of lamio in 1 liter of water. You can drink 2-4 cups a day. Dried flower powder can be a pinch a day in honey or jam. For hand baths and foot baths, a large handful is used for every liter of water.

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