Honda Urban Suv

At the Detroit Auto Show the car manufacturer Honda debuts with his Urban Suv, a small crossover with a gritty appearance and an echoing heart. The compact crossover Honda Urban Suv is expected on the market between the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. The technical basis is that of the new generation of Honda Jazz, L'Urban Suv Honda has a dynamic and sporty bodywork, 4.29 meters long, the dimensions, together with the shapes, make theUrban Suv a compact crossover: it is about 23 centimeters less than the Honda CR-V model. The shapes can almost be compared to those of a coupe.

The name Urban Suv it will be abandoned by the car manufacturer Honda at the moment of production. L'Honda Urban Suv it will be the first vehicle to house a new generation of telematics and propulsion systems from the Earth Dreams Technology series. These and other rumors give us hope that the Honda compact crossover will be accompanied by a hybrid variant: Honda Jazz hybrid is expected on the market by the first quarter of 2014, it will host a technical base capable of equipping, together with the thermal engine, also an electric motor , since theHonda Urban Suv will be characterized by the same technical basis, the hybrid variant should be almost guaranteed.


Unfortunately there are no pictures of the interiors, but considering the size we can expect a large and spacious interior, indeed ... so spacious that it could also be perfect for freight transport. The small suv of Honda will be characterized by the maximum configurability of the seats so as to be able to use the vehicle also for freight transport in addition to the more conventional one for passengers.

As for the price, theHonda announced that her baby SUV will be characterized by reduced consumption and a more accessible price than expected, it is difficult to make predictions, for official data we will have to wait until the last quarter of this year.

Video: Honda Urban SUV Concept - Detroit Auto Show (November 2021).