Succulent indoor plants

Succulent indoor plants: what are the succulent plants that live well in the apartment and that give great satisfaction, from succulent plants with flowers to the easiest to maintain.

Succulent indoor plants

The fat plants, more correctly named "succulent plants ", are often grown in the home. The fat plants they adapt to any type of environment, which is why they can also thrive in home.

It is commonplace to think that succulents they do not need much care, in fact, thanks to their ability to retain water inside them, they are able to survive periods of drought but this does not mean that the landlord will have to neglect them. It is true, thefat plantsthey are among the easiest to maintain but that doesn't mean they do everything themselves!

Remember that plants are sessile animals, they cannot stand forchase away the sun's rays in case of low light, let alone go into the kitchen tap if they need water! In practice, plants are strictly dependent on your actions. That is why it is important to focus on the needs of the varioussucculent indoor plants.

Succulent indoor plants: the ideal conditions in the house

If in theflat there are favorable temperatures, environments with low humidity and sufficient light, you can proceed with the purchase of the fat plant, yes, but which one to choose? The succulent indoor plants are numerous, the selection criteria could be the size or the style of furniture present in the house. There are those who prefersucculents with indoor flowersor those who focus on the structural needs of the house. For example, if the house is dark, you would do well to searchsucculent indoor plants with little light, which therefore need a few hours of light a day or are able to survive with diffused light.

Thesucculent indoor plantsthey add a touch of elegance to the home environment that is thus more cared for ... this is true only if you can keep the plant healthy.

For a classic décor, the fat plants of type:

  • Echinocactus,
  • Notocactus,
  • Mammillaria

For a more modern décor, succulent indoor plants are recommended:

  • Pachycereus
  • Cleistocactus.

Those who want a suspended succulent plant, to be placed in a kitchen cabinet or on the shelves in the living room, can take the epiphyllum. A fat plant that adapts to any style, from classic to contemporary, is the Lithops, also known as "living stones ".The lithops are also suitable for those seekingsucculents with indoor flowers, a small composition of succulents with “Lithops” type flowers is shown in the photo below.

Who has the so-called green thumb, could think of setting up a composition of fat plants. He could dedicate a corner offlat to this plant variety creating a small desert in the house. To create a varied composition, given by more fat plants, it is necessary to put together plant species that have the same environmental needs and with similar life cycles.

Succulents are very sensitive to temperature. If in theflat you have an air conditioner, having a temperature of 20 degrees for the whole year would mean block the life cycle of the plant. Under these conditions, the plant would no longer be able to recognize the passing of the seasons. To prevent this from happening, the fat plantsthey should be placed in the coolest area of ​​the house. If possible, place the succulents in the coolest and brightest room of the apartment and move them outside in late spring.

Names succulents for houseplants

Those looking for a list of names, so as to get a quick overview of the choices available, may find this useful. We have selected the names of the strongest and easiest to maintain succulents indoor plants:

  • Aloe vera (in winter, if well kept, it blooms, with flowers similar to small rosettes).
  • Haworthia limifolia (perfect for compositions of succulents).
  • Echeveria (liked for its purple leaves that spread like a rosette, it is not suitable for an apartment with little light).
  • Cactus (very ornamental, it wants a sunny exposure).
  • Euphorbia Mili (perfect for those looking for succulent plants with flowers, the flowers are very ornamental, it blooms several times a year and wants temperatures between 15-20 ° C).
  • Opuntia Microdasys (wonderful succulent plant with indoor flowers, it is very decorative. The flowers are fragrant).
  • Cactus Zebra (it does not flower but is appreciated for its ornamental "zebra" leaves, ie dark green with white stripes).
  • Tacitus Bellus (is among thesucculents with indoor flowersmore appreciated, it has an almost “sapling” shape, it needs some extra care to obtain a long-lasting flowering).
  • Crassula (generally we find it in the compositions of succulents, it is fine even in houses with milder temperatures but it needs a lot of light to thrive).
  • Sedum Morganianum (if you are looking forsucculents with indoor flowers, to be hung from the ceiling with foliage and cascading flowers, is the right plant. Easy to grow).
  • Fraliea (these succulents are similar to small cacti, they are very elegant especially for the flower placed in a central position. Perfect for those looking forsucculent indoor plants with little light.Unlike other succulents, this one wants a position in partial shade.

Christmas and Easter cacti, beautiful succulents to grow at home

  • Christmas cactus, it doesn't look like a cactus at all, it is so called because it blooms around Christmas.
  • Easter cactus, has very beautiful, red flowers. Its scientific name is Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri and it is asucculent houseplant with flowers, it blooms in late spring, more or less in the Easter period.

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