Herbs in the garden

The herbs they can enrich every part of ours garden since they do not require great care or attention, they are able to grow both in the sun, in the shade, in humid areas and on the banks of small streams or ponds. To do gardening with herbs it is very simple, many herbs they produce large quantities of flowers and therefore self-sowing seeds.

Herbs in the garden, species
Among the aromatic herbs that we can grow in the garden, the best known are oregani, thyme, sage, rosemary, lavender.

  • Lavenders present a wealth of colors during flowering. The ears, once dried, can be used to perfume the wardrobes or the various environments.
  • Mint also offers an infinite variety of inflorescences ranging from violet to yellow. The young seedlings should be eradicated every now and then as they have a very large and fast growth. It is also advisable to stick dividers into the ground that will prevent the roots from trespassing.
  • Some annuals like the poppy are very suitable in the garden. The only recommendation is to pay attention when collecting the capsules, as they are pierced, they must be kept in a horizontal position to prevent the seeds from falling.
  • If you have a pond in the garden, angelica is a plant that lends itself very well to covering the edges well.
  • Thyme are ideal for framing the edges of a path, their flowers last a long time and subsequently the leaf cushions will continue to spread a particular scent. There are more than 100 species, each with different foliage and almost all of them can be used in the kitchen.
  • Oregano can be grown to create hedges, while sage, rosemary and lavender grow in circumference over the years.

Herbs in the garden, useful tips

  • Before cultivate aromatic herbs, till the soil, adding organic fertilizer.
  • Level the soil well and moisten it thoroughly.
  • Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate completely and then water sporadically.

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