The benefits of nettles

It is customary to say of useless things that should be thrown away nettles, but this statement does not do justice to the qualities of a herb that deserves to be cultivated. The only flaw ofnettle, but it is a defect for us certainly not for her, it is to know how to defend ourselves from attacks with stinging stings that we know well, but apart from that nettles they should be considered a true gift of nature. So let's try to get to know them better.

Contributing to the bad reputation of nettles it is also their variegated natural habitat: uncultivated places, fields, rubble, woods, path edges, hedges, near the old walls and huts, along the ditches. L'nettle male, the most common (Urtica dioica), grows spontaneously from the plain to the mountain areas and is between 50 and 150 cm high depending on the conditions. Recognize thenettle it is easy due to the toothed edge of its leaves and because of the stinging hairs they are covered with (if the hairs are not there then it is lamio) if you then touch it with your bare hands (don't do it) you will no longer have doubts.

In the kitchen the young castings of nettles (the stems and leaves must be fresh), after being boiled, they are used like spinach seasoned with oil or butter. L'nettle it is a very nutritious herb due to its high iron and magnesium content and has the advantage over spinach of not being too acidic. With the nettles you can also prepare excellent risottos, vegetable soups and tasty omelettes; they are gladly eaten, chopped like parsley, in rice soups.

All 'nettle like most good herbs, curative properties are also recognized and its use as a diuretic, antidiarrheal and vermifuge and as an adjuvant in the treatment of juvenile acne and eczema is widespread. The herbal tea of nettle it is prepared by boiling 15 grams of leaves in 300 grams of water for 10 minutes, then poured and drunk hot. In hand baths and foot baths for skin care, 2 handfuls of fresh leaves are used for 1 liter of water.

The macerate of nettle it is an excellent natural pesticide for the vegetable garden in the biological fight against aphids and spider mites and also for this reason it is good not to destroy all the nettles that are born near the walls or in the garden, but to leave them where a luxuriant row is possible. Leaves, flowering tops of the stems and roots of the nettles they can be harvested in all seasons as needed.

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