You fly with solar panels

Does the road system of the future belong to electric flying cars? Today no one can make such a prediction even if the progress of the sector is surprising: the world of aviation can already count on electric motors, two-seater airplanes are already in flight with aerodynamically optimized to adapt to electric traction and equipped with a new type of trapezoidal wing from the extended field. While a slice of engineers work on the electrification of airplanes, a flying vehicle called Solar Impulse is already crossing the skies of the whole Earth and is doing so without the aid of fossil fuels, but only with the power ofsolar power.

L'solar power it can and must be introduced in the transport sector. Our way of conceiving mobility can completely change and Solar Impulse is just the most striking example. There is no shortage of appeal helicopters that exploit the solar panels to soar in flight.

In 2011, the German Thomas Senkel took off with a "multicopter " composed of 16 propellers (photo above). L'solar powered helicopter tested by Thomas Senkel was piloted with a joystick. The propellers were able to lift the pilot and the structure itself and in addition balanced the aerial device along three axes.

More recently, at Queen Mary's University in London, students have designed a detail helicopter with solar panelswhich powered two pairs of propellers arranged on the four sides of the vehicle.

The British prototype was designed to fly unmanned. It's a solar powered helicopter and it is the first "multicopter " in the world to be powered by photovoltaic panels. “Multicopter” is a term used to describe a helicopter that has multiple rotors. The propellers are placed on each of the edges, the photovoltaic unit has a square shape so there are four propellers. For now the design is unappetizing, the students have worked on an ancestral prototype, the next step will be to develop a more captivating look.

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