Vacuum cleaners, the most ecological

We have already told you about the Aries Eco Power Vacuum Cleaner line, these vacuum cleaner have the characteristic of guaranteeing energy savings ranging from 40 percent up to 50 percent with the top-of-the-range model, the Eco Power 2788. Undoubtedly these of Aries are among the more environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners of the market and have rather affordable prices.

The top-of-the-range model, the Ariete Eco Power 2788, consumes 1,150 W and costs around 100 euros. If 1.150W seems excessive to you, know that on average, the vacuum cleaner which offer the same performance as the Eco Power 2799, consume 2,200 W. Various models are available on the market with different prices, starting from about 70 euros to exceed 300 euros withTwin Clean by Electrolux(list price 369 euros!), which with a power of 1,800 watts guarantees hygiene and offers filters that clean automatically in about 10 seconds; with such different prices, all models ofecological vacuum cleaners they can guarantee low consumption. Another model that guarantees performance of more than 2000 W and consumes only 1,400W, is Samsung's Ecostyle sc86g0, the cost is about 90 euros.

But which vacuum cleaner choose?
The market delivers vacuum cleaner traditional, with the bag: the dirt is collected in a bag that we have to change manually. The vacuum cleaner with the bag are not much ecological: the bag has an environmental cost because it will soon become waste, plus it has a cost for the user that can range from € 0.70 upwards.

Others vacuum cleaner offer a water filtration system. Here the end user does not have to remove any bags, when the water filtration system is worn, he will have to replace it. Water filters can be very expensive.

The most convenient solution, both from a point of view environmental how cheap they are vacuum cleaner without bag. Here the dirt is conveyed into a container, a light signal will alert the user when the need for emptying arises. These too vacuum cleaner they have filters to replace, but they usually have a rather long life. Those reported at the beginning of this article are vacuum cleaners without bag.

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