Locloc: rental between individuals for collaborative consumption

here is the rental between individuals and here he is in an amen conquering the limelight in speeches and newspapers. The idea behind it has the absolute genius of simple things: to transfer to others (but only momentarily) the use of what we have bought on impulse or for a contingent need: the drill, the ice cream maker, the mountain equipment bike, gardening tools or a paiette bag. Things that we needed immediately but that passed quickly, but remained there somewhere.

We have a little treasure in the house, but we don't know. Listen, listen: according to a research published in Forbes, in the houses of the average family there are assets (which can also be used by others) for a value of at least 3 thousand euros. The question is: why instead of keeping these objects in the closet to collect dust we don't make them available, with the rental between individuals, who needs it at that precise moment?

He found the right answer Locloc, the first Italian platform dedicated to rental between individuals, where those who need an object can meet those who already have it and want to make it available (making a small profit) without separating from it, therefore only in rental-rent, because sooner or later that object could also be useful to him.

But a rental safe and worry-free (the fear of stamped papers often slows down the best ideas) because all the assets made available on the platform are guaranteed by the insurance coverage offered by Locloc and by a feedback system that allows you to evaluate both the authors of the rental, as already happens on platforms such as eBay or Airbnb, both the rented object to verify the veracity of the description.

Registration in Locloc it's free as well as easy. Anyone (except for the age of majority) can create a new profile or, if they prefer, access the rental between individuals with your Facebook account and immediately start looking for what you need; or he can add the items he wants to put to rental, at no cost.

The green aspects of Locloc they are of different types. First of all, a more prudent use of money: those who need something for a certain period of time can rent it without being forced to buy it. Then the wallet, since objects that are little or not used can become a source of income. Finally, the community: through the rental between individuals relational mechanisms are triggered based on the momentary sharing of a good and potentially a common interest.

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