Zero km power supply

Zero km power supply

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If I live here Here Food. The claim is one of the most successful in spreading the message of thesupply to Km Zero, or short supply chain, which consists in preferring food produced and packaged nearby to reduce the costs of passage (producer-wholesaler-distributor-retailer) and the polluting potential (CO₂ emissions). Freshness at affordable prices, respecting the environment, is the key to Km Zero.

So thought three young people from Verona, Alessandro, Marco and Nicola, who from QuiCibo and Km Zero they made a business idea, and then a real business. From ideas to facts: QuiCibo is a Web platform that allows consumers (individuals and buying groups), and catering, to always have two things under control.

The first is the map of the 'own production' market and the 'direct sale' of the surrounding area (the Km Zero in short), the second is the possibility of obtaining supplies through it by making several orders with a single payment. What QuiCibo deals with is a small fee for handling online payments.

Alessandro, Marco and Nicola, let's go back to them for a moment, they are three young entrepreneurs who are determined to realize in QuiCibo the values ​​they believe in, the culture of good things and respect for the environment above all. Alessandro Vaccaro, 27 (PhD in computer science at Trinity College Dublin) is the technical manager and develops the software infrastructure. Nicola Galetto, 26 years old and with a degree in law, looks after the administration. Marco Grumolato, 27, lawyer, is in charge of the commercial side full time.

The innovative side of QuiCibo is that the platform combines short supply chain is Km Zero based on a simple and discreet system, with which the consumer has full freedom to choose the product and the farms in the district. The dynamism of QuiCibo in fact does not bind users to a specific group of companies but allows individuals to obtain supplies from any manufacturer.

Taking advantage of this logic, the consumer can use QuiCibo both as a consumer in his own territory of residence and as a tourist, obtaining supplies from local producers. This also makes the platform an excellent tool for food and wine and agri-food tourism, including foreign ones.

The palmares are all respect: the QuiCibo project has participated in two competitions: 'Let's start again from Ideas', promoted by Corriere della Sera, arriving in October 2012 among the thirty finalists out of more than 300 nominations nationwide; and 'Rebound, promoted by Confindustria Padova, in which he was among the three winners in January 2013. The team was also awarded the Città Impresa Award at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza.

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