Containers for domestic separate waste collection

In England i waste collection containers for the home they are assigned by the various local administrations. Unfortunately here in Italy this is not the case and to carry out the separate collection at home we need to organize various spaces. On the market there are various types of containers for separate waste collection, in general we can say that it is possible to use containers in fabric for paper collection, for those who have a garden, the ideal would be a container mobile, equipped with wheels. THE containers rigid are essential for wet and undifferentiated.

How many containers we need to separate waste in the house?

  1. A container dedicated to the so-called "undifferentiated" where to throw all non-recyclable waste
  2. A container for aluminum that can be associated with glass collection
  3. A container for the collection of plastic material
  4. An organic container for storing food waste

In home there is not always enough space for all of these containers, so, at best, you end up collecting the paper in cloth bags and throwing the Organic waste in the compost bin in the garden. The most organized arrange bags of different colors on the balcony, those lucky enough to have enough space in the kitchen can create a corner for the recycling. In this regard, there are many retailers who offer containers ad hoc, the Ovetto three in one container is an example, or, more accessible and cheap, there are the Ikea proposals.


Ikea offers numerous containers for the recycling in home. The boxes are anonymous and can be easily distinguished with appropriate labels or simply by marking the contents with a pen. Other containers are customized and have a logo indicating the content collected. In our photo gallery we have made a selection of containers for the domestic collection with respective prices and availability.

In the photo above, KNODD bin with lid. Ikea 14.99 euros

Video: Wet and Dry Waste collection bins (December 2021).