Oleandro, info on how it is grown

L'oleander is a very decorative plant that grows in coastal areas due to its resistance to high temperatures. For the cultivation of oleander the climate is not a problem: a temperature around 20 degrees is sufficient but it also develops in the presence of temperatures that reach up to 40 degrees or very low. It blooms throughout the summer until early autumn with flowers that give off an intense scent. The flowers also appear simple or double with a great variety of colors, from white to pink to intense colors such as yellow, lilac and red. The only drawback of this plant is characterized by toxicity in all its parts, resulting in skin irritation, therefore it is advisable to use gloves when treatingoleander.

Oleander cultivation
The cultivation ofoleander it does not require great care, it is only a question of respecting some basic rules to ensure a luxuriant growth and abundant flowering.
L'oleander it can also be cultivated in pots even in the presence of low temperatures. To ensure its growth, it is important to keep it indoors until spring arrives and then be exposed outdoors without problems.
L'oleander it prefers a fertile draining soil as it fears water stagnation. The plant should be watered regularly without overdoing it with water: it is important that the soil is always moist, always making sure that the water does not stagnate. In this regard, in the case of cultivation on the terrace, it is good to make sure that there are pieces of earthenware at the bottom of the pot to facilitate the drainage of excess water.

Oleander pruning
L'oleander it must be fertilized and pruned regularly in order to grow luxuriantly. Pruning should be done in late autumn, cutting the side branches by at least 25 centimeters, eliminating the withered flowers and shortening the stems for half the length.

Oleander fertilization
The plant must be fertilized every two weeks during the summer, using liquid organic fertilizers to be dissolved in water. In the case of growing in pots, it is necessary to repot theoleander every 2 years with a container wider than the previous one up to a maximum of thirty centimeters. Subsequently, it will be sufficient to remove at least a third of the potting soil to replace it with new soil.

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