Dried flowers

Flowers always give a sense of cheerfulness to homes. A flowered corner on a coffee table, in the centerpiece, on the fireplace for example, expresses a very welcome message of welcome. But the flowers wither, how about beautifying your home with the dried flowers? THE dried flowers they lend themselves very well to home furnishings and to create nice floral compositions. THE dried flowers they are excellent for decorating and for perfuming the environment. In this regard, you can prepare good potpourri. Drying the flowers is not a difficult procedure, just follow a few guidelines to make sure that i dried flowers maintain their characteristics over time.

Dried flowers, what you need
Plywood press
Corrugated cardboard
Blotting paper
Tweezers for stamps
Tissue paper

Dried flowers, the procedure

  1. Remove the very protruding parts of the flower
  2. Place the flowers of the same thickness on top of the absorbent paper, being careful not to overlap them
  3. Proceed in the same way with the leaves
  4. Place the flowers in the press with absorbent paper and place the corrugated cardboard on top to facilitate the passage of air and speed up the drying process
  5. Finally close the press by tightening
  6. In the first few days change the paper towels every day
  7. Wait two weeks before taking the flowers out of the press
  8. Once dried, move the dried flowers with the tweezers taking the flower or the leaf in a central point: avoiding the grip on the edges you risk breaking them as they are very fragile

Useful hints: pay attention to the right pressure to avoid long drying times. Wrong pressure leads to wrong drying and damaged by humidity and mold. The leaves and flowers should be placed in the press when fresh and completely dry.

How to store dried flowers
THE dried flowers they should be kept in boxes, taking care to divide them into layers interspersed with sheets of tissue paper.
Before harvesting flowers to be dried, make sure they are not an endangered species. Some plants are in fact protected by law, so flowers cannot be harvested.

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