Multiplication by offshoot

There offshoot is a plant multiplication technique, more suitable for wood species. This technique can be applied to plants that have flexible branches so that they can be partially buried. Below we will give you indications on how to successfully create an offshoot.

Offshoot, procedure
First of all it is good to specify before multiplying by offshoot, that it is necessary to choose a plant in full vegetative activity. It is useless to try this procedure with a branch that is unable to emit radii and buds as it is dormant.

  1. Choose the longest and most elastic branch that will become the main stem of your future plant
  2. Using a small knife, cut the point to be buried, making an incision deep enough to reach the inner part of the branch.
  3. Bury the branch three or four centimeters so that the earth can cover it well
  4. Secure the buried branch with u-shaped irons placed as supports
  5. Secure the branch to a stake to ensure proper stability to the plant
  6. Make sure every day that the soil in which the new plant is forming is sufficiently saturated with moisture, being careful to avoid water stagnation that could compromise the health of the future plant causing it to rot.
  7. Remove the supports as soon as the plant has shown the first shoots

If you have started the multiplication process in soil that is not destined to become the final home of the nascent plant, it is possible to proceed with planting when the upper apex of the plant has shown signs of rooting as well as the appearance of new leaves

Useful information: during the reproduction phase for offshoot,the future plant will not have to be stressed, that means
That paradoxically the soil should not be fertilized. In this case it will be advisable to enrich the soil in advance with organic substances and other nutrients useful for the plant

If the plant to be multiplied has too rigid branches it is advisable to apply the reproduction technique by layering.

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