SAP Cycle 4 Youth: sustainable bike ride for sustainability

The Italian patrol at SAP Cycle 4 Youth

You can go in bicycle because it is a means sustainable and you can ride a bicycle to support humanitarian programs social sustainability. The second thing is what 60 employees of SAP, an IT multinational, did, starting from their respective company headquarters in 5 European countries, including Italy (the other nations are Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and France), for SAP bicycle ride Cycle 4 Youth. Objective: to reach the company's headquarters in Walldorf, Germany in no more than 5 days, donating 1 euro for each mile traveled to charity.

At the end of € 58 thousand were collected which will be donated to charities Junior Achievement is World Bicycle Relief engaged in educational programs of social sustainability for young people in Africa and Europe. The Italian patrol was attended by 16 people including SAP employees, partners and friends, all of whom left in bicycle from the SAP headquarters in Italy in Vimercate (MB), where the initiative was sponsored by the Municipality. The km traveled to reach Walldorf from Italy were 653.92 in total.

There bicycle it also includes one of the destinations identified for the funds. The association World Bicycle Relief will in fact buy 260 bicycles for children and young people of Zimbabwe. This will make it easier for them to go to school: in a country where many young people cannot attend classes due to the enormous distances, owning a bicycle means opening a new horizon. If we then consider that the bike they can also be used by children's families, World Bicycle Relief estimates that they can improve the lives of around 1,300

The other association, Junior Achievement, is a non-profit organization that will allocate the funds raised to educational programs aimed at young people between 15 and 19 in Europe with the aim of providing experiences and technical skills to find work. SAP Cycle 4 Youth is just one of the initiatives promoted by the company on the front of sustainability and thinking about the economic, ethical and social development of businesses.

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