How to store food in the fridge

Foods from keep in the fridge they must follow some precise rules since the cold is not evenly distributed. In this regard, here how to store in the fridge foods according to certain conservation criteria.

Store in the fridge, precautions
Before storing food in the fridge, make sure the appliance is away from heat sources without forgetting to defrost it periodically to allow for an optimal circulation of cold air.
Make sure the door seal is always clean and intact to ensure greater efficiency and a constant temperature. Try to avoid opening the fridge to avoid the dispersion of cold: this also allows a saving of electricity.

Store in the fridge, directions
It is good to know that in each fridge, the cold tends to go down while the heat goes up, so arrange the foods according to their type so that they are perfectly preserved, without running the risk of mold or food bacteria developing and that the food spoils.
Therefore we give you some indications in the arrangement of food:

  • On the top shelf, place fresh or seasoned dairy products, jars with creams or sauces and canned goods (both closed and open). In general, all those food products that must be stored in the refrigerator after opening must be stored, as indicated on the label
  • On the central shelf put the cold cuts (both open and closed), the dishes already cooked such as minestrone, pasta or meat, then all the leftovers
  • On the lowest shelf, where the temperature is lower, place the raw meats and both cooked and raw fish
  • Place the eggs in the special egg holder, usually located on the top internal door
  • In the shelves on the door, arrange drinks of various kinds, cans of mustard and butter
  • Store raw vegetables and fruit in the drawers located at the base of the refrigerator compartment: inside the drawers the temperature is not excessively low (up to 10 ° C), therefore it is the ideal place to store vegetables and fruit avoiding them from spoiling with the cold.

Store in the fridge, useful tips

  • To ensure the perfect preservation of food, it is essential that cold air circulates inside the refrigerator, therefore it is good to avoid heaping exaggerated stocks of food inside: the foods must be at a minimum distance from each other and not attached to each other. one to the other.
  • Make sure that the food does not rest directly on the internal walls of the refrigerator: in addition to excessively cooling the food in question, it prevents cold air from spreading evenly.
  • Store food in special containers or wrappers: in short, for hygienic purposes, do not put an open jar of mayonnaise or a piece of cheese without protection in the refrigerator.
  • Do not store food in the refrigerator when it is still hot, as the internal temperature will drop
  • Never refreeze foods after defrosting them.
  • During the summer season, set the refrigerator thermostat to a lower temperature.

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