Volkswagen Eco UP !, prices and consumption

L'car UPit is among the smallest of the houseVolkswagen, presents itself to the public with multiple configurations and two different types of fuel: petrol and methane. Four seats and five doors with a tank capacity of 10 liters for petrol and 11 kg for methane. Autonomy with full petrol reaches 220 km and 380 km with methane gas.

The consumption of the Volkswagen UP comes with an efficient methane fuel system and measures to minimize waste, one of many is the BlueMotion technology with Start & Stop (automatic shutdown system in urban traffic) and regenerative braking as standard.

Volkswagen UP consumption
With natural gas, methane, it is possible to travel 100 km with a consumption of only 2.9 kg in order to reduce transport costs by up to 50 percent and drastically reduce the CO2 footprint linked to cars: official data Volkswagen estimate 79 g / km of carbon dioxide emissions. As regards the fuel consumption in kg per 100 km (in m3 / 100km) we speak of 3.6 (5.5) for the interurban cycle; 2.5 (3.8) for the extra-urban cycle up to 2.9 (4.4) for the combined cycle. The CO2 emissions estimated at 79 grams per km traveled refer to the combined cycle.

79 grams of CO2 emissions from methane fueling compared to 105 grams of CO2 per km traveled by the Volkswagen UP petrol.

Methane fueling is available on the versionsVolkswagentakeup!move up! and high up! with 68 HP (50kW) engine and three cylinders in line. The change for the version Up methaneit's just mechanical. Regarding theprices of the Volkswagen Upstarting from 12,300 euros for the simplest take up! up to € 15,250 for high-up stands.

Video: VW eco up! (October 2021).