Cases for iPad, the proposals of the market

Who is on the hunt for oneiPad casehe is spoiled for choice. The market offers thousands of models betweencoverultra compact andenclosuresfrom the most diverse materials, starting from wool, recycled fabrics, wood, bamboo ... up to the classiccustodyin plastic. The question is, why choose oneiPad casein plastic when you can have much more ?!

Betweencases for iPadmore complete, we point out the proposal by Logitech which sees acustodywhich integrates photovoltaic modules and keyboard. It is called Solar Keyboard Folio and costs around 130 euros. There is no shortage of robust proposals made from intelligent materials is the case withBookase which stands out from the competition for itsprestige: this is a case designed in California but produced inItaly. It is made with two natural materials and uses high-tech "RFIDstatic" technology. This technology reduces static electricity and the friction that is created between the portable device and the cover.

This custody protects theiPad from humidity, from sudden changes in temperature and from bumps! Perfect for those who lead a dynamic life or simply for those like me who weariPadin the swimming pool! There are alsoenclosures designed to camouflage the appearance ofiPad, the wood ipad case, for example, turns the Apple device into a common agenda.

Those who really don't want to do without plastic can chooseenclosuresmore conventional ones made with recycled plastics. The Timbuk2 line deliversenclosuresfor every need, fromiPadto notebook. The fabric of the bags and enclosuresconsists of a meshRecycled PET, the line is calledFull-Cycle and represents the first series of the global standardRecycle(Global Standard Recycle - GSR).

A dense list ofcases for iPadis available directly on the Apple Store portal.

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