Set up an organic garden on the balcony

The preparation of aorganic vegetable gardenon the balconyis doubly recommended: on the one hand, genuine pesticide-free foods are grown, on the other hand chemicals are kept away from the home environment,balconyit is often located near the kitchen or living space occupied by inhabitants.

To set up aorganic vegetable gardenon thebalconywe must take into account the limits imposed by space and be able to adapt them tocultivationof vegetables. We have already seen how it is possible to grow fruit plants on the balcony, certainly vegetables and greens will not be an impossible task!

The vegetables to introduce in oursorganic garden on the balconythey must have short roots so as to require little space. Even if yoursbalconyit may seem small, you will be surprised to see how many vegetables you are capable ofcultivatemaking the most of every centimeter: thevegetable garden on the balconycan make use ofhanging vasesfor some vegetables, fruit boxes for growing other vegetables, terracotta pots, planters or chests.

In hanging pots you can grow pumpkins and cucumbers, tomatoes can be grown upside down while aromatic plants need pots at least 30 cm deep, possibly in terracotta.

Considering the small spaces and the needs of vegetables and greens, which plants can be grown in oursorganic garden on the balcony? Here is a quick list:

  • garlic
  • beets for cutting
  • chili Peppers
  • dwarf tomatoes or other small varieties (cherry)
  • radishes
  • baby carrots
  • spinach
  • parsley
  • rocket salad
  • cucumbers (in hanging pots)
  • climbing beans (in hanging pots so as to exploit the walls and vertical spaces given by the railings)
  • small pumpkins (always in hanging pots)

Organic vegetable garden on the balcony, other factors to consider

  • Before setting up avegetable garden on the balcony, check the load capacity of the structure
  • Do you have a tap on the balcony?
    How do you plan to water the plants? L'vegetable gardenit must be as close as possible to the water source, it is also okay to pass a small hose through the window or use self-watering pots.

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