Grow fruit at home? Very possible!

Don't be frightened by the word "orchard". Therefruit cultivationit does not need a lot of space, especially when it comes to little ones fruits. If you are willing enough you cangrow fruit indoorsfollowing our instructions. We inform you that for setting up a smallorchardyou will need a balcony or terrace, a veranda or kitchen would be fine too… if only there was enough light!

Thefruit plantsthey must be grown in an area where the crown of the tree can count on maximum sun exposure, that is, the crown must receive light from various positions. Despite this premise, if you likegrow fruit on the balcony, the ideal would be to place the vase in a corner so as not to subtract light from other vases containing vegetables, flowers or vegetables.

On thebalconyit is possible to set up aorganic gardenbut also a small orchard. If thebalconyor the terrace have enough space, in a well-lit corner is possible grow small fruits. Excessive spaces will not be needed, the photo above can give a good idea even if the vase is excessively small. In any case, a jar 20 cm in diameter and 30 cm in height to be filled with 50 liters of universal soil and 50 liters of soil conditioner, i.e. manure, humus or compost. Volcanic lapilli or other draining material must be added to the soil conditioner.

If you're just starting out, it's good to start with a single fruit tree, maybe the next season you can add a second tree but one will be enough to start! To respect the space requirements of the fruit plant and adapt them to those of yoursbalcony, it will be necessary to prune the foliage several times in order to maintain a diameter of about 1.5 meters.

Grow fruit indoors, how to proceed

  • Once you have chosen the space to be allocated to yoursfruit cultivation, get organized for irrigation and pruning (buy tools, find out about the needs of the plant ...)
  • Just bought thetreefrom fruit, transplant it into the largest pot filled with 2-3 fingers of volcanic lapilli, soil conditioner and universal soil as described above. Use a plastic pot that is far lighter.

Grow fruit on the terrace or balcony, which variety to choose?
The easiest to grow are thecherries, apple, peach and pear. Of these there are also “dwarf” varieties, which are more suitable for confined spaces. With the right pruning even lemon or orange trees can becultivatedin domestic spaces.

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