How to save energy in the kitchen

Saving energy in the kitchen it means cutting home bills. There kitchen it is in fact the most energy-intensive domestic environment because it is here that the machines that run on gas (kitchen and boiler) and appliances that run on electricity usually concentrate.

As save energy in the kitchen? Definitely starting with the simplest things, which are also the ones you tend to forget: cover the pots during cooking and lower the heat once it reaches boiling point. When cooking small portions, prefer the use of a grill or an electric oven in the traditional oven: an oven, in fact, consumes between a third and half of the energy needed by a normal-sized oven.

For save energy in the kitchen and in particular during cooking, pressure cookers and a microwave oven are very useful as often as possible, because they save energy by shortening cooking times. A microwave oven is more efficient than a traditional pot or oven when it comes to cooking small to medium quantities of food.

Always choose a pan or pot that is proportionate to the size of the gas stove on which you intend to cook (the flame must never go beyond the edges of the pot). But for save energy, also remember to preheat the oven only when necessary and to open it as little as possible while cooking food.

It will seem strange, but the use of the internal ventilation function (if present) during cooking does save energy in the kitchen, while another very useful trick is to switch off the electric oven just before the end of cooking in order to exploit the residual heat.

If you own a dishwasher, consider it at the top (after the refrigerator) in the ways of save energy in the kitchen and remember to use it only at full load. After washing, let the dishes air dry, but if the machine does not allow you to exclude hot air drying, turn it off immediately after the last rinse. Do not use the 'soak' program for a few dirty dishes and always use an anti-limescale to keep pipes and filters clean.

Video: Energy Savings Tips: The Kitchen. Tiny Home. ExxonMobil (January 2022).