Do-it-yourself jobs: recycling cans

There are many "jobs" that can be done through therecycling of cans.Thetin cansYes they canto recycleto make pen holders, coin purses, candle jars and flower vases. If on an industrial scale with therecyclingof thetin cansin aluminum we produce coffee makers, bicycle frames, components for the automotive sector and more ... in our small way we can makerecycling workto make everyday objects.

Let's see howrecycle cansto produce a nice vase, pen holder or candle holder. The materials used are similar for all three works, the difference lies in the shapes: for the candle holder it will be necessary to use "MINI" aluminum cans or use a pair of garden scissors to shorten the can and obtain a cylinder of suitable dimensions to accommodate one or more candles. For the candle holder and pen holder you will need a can opener, an optional element for making the vase.


What is needed for thischore?

  • Paintings of various colors
  • Transparent fixing spray paint
  • White spray paint
  • Brushes
  • Pencil
  • Cans to recycle

The illustrated procedure can be consulted in our photo gallery. On a descriptive level, we can summarize the entire process in a few simple steps:


1. Use the white spray paint to cover the original decorations of the tin cans. If you can find an ecological paint you can do this process at home, if not, use the spray paints in a ventilated or open space.
2. When the spray paint has dried you can make your own design. Give life to your creativity and, respecting your painting skills, draw a fantasy on the white background.
3. Paint the design with round-tipped and very thin brushes: spaces are limited and large-tipped brushes would leave room for too many smudges.
4. When the colors have completely dried it will be possible to apply a transparent fixing spray.

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