Environmental sustainability at the Matera Balloon Festival

The Matera Balloon Festival scheduled from 10 to 13 October is the first major international meeting of hot air balloons in the Città dei Sassi. It is also a sustainable event with zero impact because the CO emissions2 generated by the organization of the event will be reduced and offset by carbon credits from the creation and protection of over 57,000 square meters of growing forests in Costa Rica, the state with the highest density of biodiversity in the world. Matera Ballon Festival joined the Lifegate Zero Impact project.

The theme of the environmental sustainability is among the protagonists of the first edition of the Matera Balloon Festival, which from the clear sky of Basilicata chooses to put the spotlight on environmental issues and the green economy as well. For example, with the conference 'Agriculture 2.0: Green economy and Organic the future of the Planet' scheduled for Thursday 10 October. The program also includes educational workshops for paper recycling and the creation of kites, food and wine tours and food education workshops at zero km.

The Matera Balloon Festival is a show conceived and promoted by Murgiamadre Association (food-culture-territory) to promote Matera's candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019, and to offer visitors of all ages four days of sport, art, music, culture, food at zero km. In addition, of course, to the exciting aerostatic competitions. All in the name of environmental sustainability.

To the Matera Ballon Festival over 20 hot-air balloon crews from all over Europe participate with two flights a day, while on the ground in the Murgia Materana Park, among the food and wine stands, the Festival offers meetings with authors and green economy experts. There will also be a Sports Village curated by CONI, the official partner of the Festival. And as evening falls, everyone looks up to watch the Night Glow, the exclusive show of hot air balloons which, after sunset, light up to the rhythm of music like giant light bulbs.

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